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Face-to-face lessons temporarily suspended

As a result of precautionary measures taken regarding the corona virus, we have temporarily suspended all face-to-face lessons at our institute. However, we are continuing online! From the comfort of your own home, you are still able to learn another language in online face-to-face lessons with your language trainer. In this way, we can offer you the flexibility that is necessary at this time, as well as the quality you expect from Regina Coeli.

Our range of languages

Develop your own style in another language

Regina Coeli’s language courses are acclaimed for their individual approach and the personal attention every trainee receives. At Regina Coeli, you not only learn a language—you also get to know the culture behind it and discover and develop your own communication style. All our trainers are well-educated native speakers. 

Be effective in another language

At Regina Coeli, you improve your personal effectiveness in another language. You can learn how to perfect your sales pitch in English in a day, or learn Spanish in two weeks. Perhaps you would like to sharpen up your French business conversation skills or negotiate better in German. Whatever your objective, we calibrate every course to your situation and goals. Your stay with us is an experience you will reap benefits from for years to come!

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Learn a language during the weekend

You can also follow language training during the weekend! You enjoy an intensive weekend of learning a language while working on your personal goals during individual lessons with several language trainers.

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Fully tailor-made

We design a personal training programme for and with you based on your learning aims, wishes and abilities. Here, everything revolves around you achieving your learning goals. If desired, we can even adjust your programme during the course. No other course member has the same programme you do!

Enjoyment in learning
We put together a training programme which allows you to make progress by the end of each lesson and each day. In the following lesson day, you build upon what you have already learnt. Learning a language becomes a positive, enriching experience through the cumulative effect of all these success moments. 

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Course offerings for organisations

We are best known for our intensive individual language training, but did you know that we also provide in-company and team training to numerous organisations? The training can consist of group lessons, individual lessons or a combination of these. We would be pleased to work with you to put together the perfect training course for your organisation. 

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Regina Coeli’s foundations

The foundation for Regina Coeli is laid in 1597. Alix le Clerc and Pierre Fourier found the Sisters of the Holy Order of Saint Augustine congregation in Lotharingen, France. One of their most important aims is educating girls.

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The sisters settle in Vught

Over the centuries, the congregation gradually spreads throughout Europe. A group of sisters from Lunéville, France settle in Vught in 1903 and build a cloister with a boarding school for secondary school-aged girls. They call it Regina Coeli.

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How the language institute came to be

The sisters open their own language laboratory in their convent, where they have started offering language courses to missionaries. News quickly spreads of the laboratory’s outstanding quality, and their unique method starts to draw more than just missionaries.

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The language laboratory leaves the convent

In 1982, the language laboratory gets its own building on the same property as the cloister. The building is replaced by an entirely new one in 2001 and expanded in 2011. To this day, students still follow their tailor-made Regina Coeli language courses on the very same spot.

Different types of language courses

50-year jubilee

Regina Coeli celebrates its 50-year jubilee in 2013. The institute has grown to be the place you have to be if you want to learn a language quickly. One of the most important pillars of this success is the fact that only native speakers give the lessons.

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Why Regina Coeli?

There are countless ways to learn a foreign language, but Regina Coeli’s courses are unique!

Experience a language course

Are you curious about how our approach actually works in practice? No one can tell you better than our own students. They are happy to share the experiences they have had while with us at Regina Coeli!


Our trainers are native speakers who have a passion for sharing their knowledge of language and culture. We ask our students to share and rate their experiences to be sure that everything perfectly suits the trainee. Now, and also in the future!

Speaking English is something that seems very normal. However, I just wanted my English to be really good. I want to be able to communicate like I do in my own language. The teachers are all very good at their subject, really accomplished. They see you very much as an individual and adjust their teaching method accordingly. They show you where your talents and strengths lie and bring these out in another language.

Lieke van Lexmond TV presenter

I’m incredibly satisfied with the individual nature of the course. The trainers tailor the programme to the student very well. And as a student, I have the feeling that I can steer my own programme. The quality of what they do here at Regina Coeli is indisputable. Read more

Marc Gross Chief Supply Chain Officer at Heineken

In my five-day individual English course, I have general lessons like grammar and social conversation. The other half of the time, I focus on specific legal jargon. I have examples of the kinds of contracts I generally deal with at work with me. The contracts form the input for the lessons. One of the trainers is even a lawyer and you can tell. Read more

Maud Koolen Company lawyer/legal counsel at PwC

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