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Learn a language quickly, the way you want to

Looking for a language course that teaches you how to speak a language efficiently? Then take a language course at Regina Coeli. You’ll benefit from it for the rest of your life!

Would you like to see at a glance what Regina Coeli can do for your organisation? Then take a look at our range of courses for organisations.

Of course, you can also take a course with us as a private individual. Go to the language of your choice to read all about what you can expect.

  Our range of languages

Our range of languages

Learn Dutch


For beginners and the advanced

Do you want to learn Dutch? Be able to string a sentence together better? Or are you working on improving your Dutch accent? Whatever your goal, we are always happy to help.

Learn English


Communicate with confidence

You learn to speak highly professional English through our intensive programmes and short courses at Regina Coeli.

Learn French


Learn to speak French fluently

Do the French speak to you too quickly or are you not able to find the right words with them? Our trainers from France and Wallonia will teach you the language by talking with you in French for hours.

Learn German


Deutsch lernen macht Spass!

Whatever your profession, the native German-speaking trainers at Regina Coeli can teach you how to communicate professionally in German. The language comes to life in hands-on role plays and business conversations.

Learn Spanish


Immersed in the Latin culture

Spanish is taught by trainers from Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America. They teach you the language and (business) culture while giving you their full, undivided attention.

Learn Italian


Enjoy the language and culture

Learn Italian at your level and in a way that suits you best. Live the Italian dream in your lessons with our Italian trainers.

Learn Arabic


A solid base in Arabic.

Learn Arabic in a way that suits you. At Regina Coeli, you follow an individual training programme which is fully tailored to your needs.

Learn Chinese


Learn the language and customs

You can learn to speak Chinese in a short time! Regina Coeli’s Chinese courses belong to the happy few which are tuned to Western learning methods and are perfect if you want to do business in China.

Learn Portuguese


Around the world with Portuguese

Portuguese is spoken in many places around the world. Our trainers come from Portugal and Brazil and can quickly teach you the ropes of both the language and culture, whether you need the language for work or private reasons.

Learn Russian


Learn to speak Russian well

Learn Russian in the way that suits you best

Experience a language course

Are you curious about how our approach actually works in practice? No one can tell you better than our own students. They are happy to share the experiences they have had while with us at Regina Coeli!

A proven formula

At Regina Coeli, you learn to speak a language quickly and well. To make every language course a success, we apply the following principles:

  • Before the training, you have an online intake interview with a trainer so that we know exactly what you need.
  • You receive a personal teaching programme with loads variety, which allows you to learn a great deal in a short time.
  • During your training, you have a fixed team of trainers who monitor your progress with you and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Our institute has been set up so you can find a quiet place to study, but you’re also invited to meet and mingle with other (international) students.
  • All our language trainers are highly qualified native speakers.
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Private lessons from native speakers
you get immediate feedback that helps you further
In our institute you can retreat to study quietly.

Different types of language training

Intensive training courses

Regina Coeli is known for its intensive individual language training programmes. You could, for example:

New: training courses for young people

Are you in secondary school, and could you use a little help when it comes to your languages? Or do you need an extra challenge? Then get an online language boost or come for the language weekend at Regina Coeli.

Zoom in on a particular skill

If you already have a good foundation in a language, you can also choose to work only on a specific skill. This could be:

These short training sessions can also take place entirely online.

Training courses for two or more people

Would you like to follow a training course with someone else, such as colleagues or family members? This is often possible if you share the same goals. We can even put together a training course with a combination of private and group lessons. Discover more >

Dutch courses at the High Tech Campus

Language Institute Regina Coeli is back on the High Tech Campus! If you want to learn Dutch quickly and well, you can join one of our training courses in Eindhoven. These small-group lessons are for people with an international background—a wonderful opportunity to learn or improve your Dutch now!

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Booking a training course at Regina Coeli

Please fill in the application form if you’re interested in a language training course at Regina Coeli. A Client Services representative will then contact you.

Booking a training course at Regina Coeli
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