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Learn a language quickly, the way you want to

Regina Coeli, also known as the Nuns of Vught, is the obvious choice if you want to learn a language. We deliver intensive language courses at our location in Vught. You can even stay with us at our institute when you take a 5-day course, which allows you to completely focus on learning the language. The highly-tailored, individual approach and close, personal attention you receive are central to our method.

  Our range of languages

Our range of languages

Learn Arabic


A solid base in Arabic.

Learn Arabic in a way that suits you. At Regina Coeli, you follow an individual training programme which is fully tailored to your needs.

Learn Chinese


Learn the language and customs

You can learn to speak Chinese in a short time! Regina Coeli’s Chinese courses belong to the happy few which are tuned to Western learning methods and are perfect if you want to do business in China.

Learn Dutch


For beginners and the advanced

Do you want to learn Dutch? Be able to string a sentence together better? Or are you working on improving your Dutch accent? Whatever your goal, we are always happy to help.

Learn English


Communicate with confidence

You learn to speak highly professional English through our intensive programmes and short courses at Regina Coeli.

Learn French


Learn to speak French fluently

Do the French speak to you too quickly or are you not able to find the right words with them? Our trainers from France and Wallonia will teach you the language by talking with you in French for hours.

Learn German


Deutsch lernen macht Spass!

Whatever your profession, the native German-speaking trainers at Regina Coeli can teach you how to communicate professionally in German. The language comes to life in hands-on role plays and business conversations.

Learn Italian


Enjoy the language and culture

Learn Italian at your level and in a way that suits you best. Live the Italian dream in your lessons with our Italian trainers.

Learn Portuguese


Around the world with Portuguese

Portuguese is spoken in many places around the world. Our trainers come from Portugal and Brazil and can quickly teach you the ropes of both the language and culture, whether you need the language for work or private reasons.

Learn Russian


Learn to speak Russian well

Learn Russian in the way that suits you best

Learn Spanish


Immersed in the Latin culture

Spanish is taught by trainers from Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America. They teach you the language and (business) culture while giving you their full, undivided attention.

Experience a language course

Are you curious about how our approach actually works in practice? No one can tell you better than our own students. They are happy to share the experiences they have had while with us at Regina Coeli!

Types of language courses

Regina Coeli is well-known for being a provider of intensive individual language courses. The rigorous programme helps you learn a language quickly because we set up the programme based on your goal(s), your skill levels and the way you learn best, and we closely and personally guide you throughout the process. If an intensive programme is not quite the right fit for you or your schedule, there are other ways you can learn a language with us, such as through language coaching at our institute in Vught or even at work. You can also learn a language during the weekend with our Language Weekend!

We also organise tailor-made in-company courses and have extensive experience in supporting families who wish or need to learn a language. Read more about the different forms courses can take.

A time-tested method

We employ our own Regina Coeli Method, specifically designed for learning languages. The foundation of the method was laid by the sisters who founded the language institute. The heart of this method includes every participant receiving individual lessons from native-speaker trainers. Read more about the Regina Coeli method.

Tailor-made language courses

The courses at Regina Coeli are always designed to fit the needs of each individual participant. Prior to the start of your course, we really listen to your wishes and requirements and, together, design a programme to meet them. This is further refined during your training if you are, for example, learning rapidly or your goals change. The duration of your training programme depends on your aims, wishes and abilities.

The programme of our courses

The programme is made up of individual lessons, multimedia training, a group evening programme, a trainer-led language table at lunch or dinner and independent study time. Read more about our intensive individual training programmes

For companies and private bookings

Many business people wishing to improve their language skills choose a course at Regina Coeli, but numerous private persons—freelancers and avid travellers, for example—also reap the benefits of their training with us. Are our courses appropriate for you? Because of the individual approach we take for each training programme, just about everyone can achieve results at our institute.

Staying with the Nuns

We recommend staying with us so you can fully focus on learning a language. You either stay at our own, in-house accommodation or a nearby hotel. That way you can minimise daily distractions and stay in a learning mode. Discover more about staying with Regina Coeli.

You have the questions, we have the answers

I am considering following language training at Regina Coeli. Is this something for me?

The courses are developed for well-educated individuals. Due to the intensity of the training you need to be accustomed to studying, as well as motivated to reach your personal goals. Additionally, our course members should be at least 18 years old. If you have any doubts about whether our training would be a good fit for you, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss it with you! 

Are the lessons given by nuns?

No, that is not the case any longer. All lessons at Regina Coeli are given by language trainers who are native speakers. The order is, however, still closely involved in the goings-on of our institute. 

When can I start?

We plan your training for a time which suits you best. You can, depending on availability, start at any time.  For current availability, please do feel free to contact us. 

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