Individual language training

Learn in a way that suits you

At Regina Coeli, you can put together a language course that suits you and your schedule. For example, you can choose a course spread out over several weeks, one that’s short and powerfully effective or a blend of days at Regina Coeli and online lessons. There are many ways to achieve your learning goals.

Your personal language training programme

During your intake, you design your individual language training programme together with a language trainer. One important question is what you want to achieve. The trainer can estimate how many lessons you will need by assessing your current skill levels. You then put together a programme that includes at least a few training days in Vught.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Days at the language institute: Learn a language intensively and make huge leaps forward. For a flying start, we usually recommend several lesson days in Vught.
  • Online lessons: Practice the language with a language trainer on Skype, for example.
  • Lessons at a location of your choice: The language trainer comes to you to work on the language in your daily environment (on-the-job coaching).

It might be that you only have a limited amount of time for language training. In that case, the language trainer will be able to tell you what objectives are achievable and use these as a basis for designing your training.

Individual training courses at Regina Coeli in brief

  1. Work towards your goals with a personal training programme
  2. Determine where, when and how you follow a training course
  3. Take private lessons from highly qualified native speakers

In-depth intake interview

At Regina Coeli you take your own, personal language course. You have an in-depth intake interview with a trainer before your course in which you discuss what shape your programme could take. You then receive a personal quotation. Only then do you make the final decision as to whether you would like to take a course with us. After you’ve booked your course, you can immediately get to work preparing in our online learning environment. That way, you can start off well-prepared.

Learn according to our proven method

Regina Coeli is known for the outstanding results students achieve with us. We use a teaching method that enables us to get the best out of our students.

  • With us, everything revolves around you and achieving your learning goals. You have lessons that are specifically tailored to your level, professional field, sector and activities. This allows you to apply the material in a context that’s familiar to you.
  • Your lesson programme is so varied that it’s possible to stay focused when learning for a longer time.
  • During your training, you have a fixed team of trainers who monitor your progress with you and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Our language institute has been set up so that there’s peace and quiet so you can study, but so that it's also inviting to meet other (international) students. This allows you to practise the language right away and informally with others. This alternating between lessons and informal learning greatly contributes to the effectiveness of your training.
  • All our language trainers are highly qualified native speakers who can help you develop an effective communication style.
Private lessons of native speakers
Language tables with course members and a language trainer
Alternating between lessons and informal learning greatly contributes to the effectiveness of your training.

Frequently asked questions about individual training at Regina Coeli

Can I also follow the training entirely online?
We almost always recommend a mix that includes lesson days at our institute. The reason for this is that it is there where you learn most efficiently and can get off to a flying start on your learning goals. The online lessons are ideal for maintaining your level or for bridging the gap between teaching days.

What will my course cost?
We can make an exact calculation of the cost as soon as you’ve designed your programme together with a language trainer. We work with fixed prices, so you can refer to our fee list to get an idea of the costs in advance. You can always ask our Client Services department for more information.

When is it good to have on-the-job lessons?
Sometimes on-the-job coaching is a good way to improve your effectiveness in the real world. We usually advise on-the-job coaching in combination with lesson days in Vught. You can concentrate completely on learning the language at our institute in Vught, while in your normal working environment, you’ll be distracted more easily.

Please note that we do charge for travel expenses for lessons on location.