Complaint regulations

Language Institute Regina Coeli B.V. and Regina Coeli Language Courses B.V., hereafter generic denoted as “Regina Coeli”, take the utmost care in the offering and delivering of language and cultural training courses. Should you, nevertheless, be dissatisfied with the facilities, the programme, the behaviour of decisions of employees and/or language trainers for which you seek a solution, your mentor or the Head of Department are the designated persons to discuss your complaint with in the first instance.

Last updated: December 2023

We distinguish between three types of complaint:
A. Complaints which arise during the training course which should be solved immediately so as not to hinder the learning process, for example, complaints in respect of the material, an employee/ language trainer, the pace of the programme, the conditions and such like.

B. Complaints which come to light during the end evaluation of the training course, (oral evaluation by the mentor during the last day of lessons or the written evaluation contained in the evaluation form).

C. Complaints made afterwards, either by telephone, e-mail or in writing.



1. If the complaint (A-B) has been dealt with satisfactorily by the Head of Department, this may be sufficient. The Head of Department always notifies the Management Team of every complaint, so that any patterns may be identified, and measures may be taken to prevent recurrence.

2. If, in your view, the complaint (A-B) has not been dealt with sufficiently, you may ask to discuss your complaint with the management or a member of the Management Team. This request will always be granted and in general, after this discussion, the complaint can be dealt with adequately. Enquiries will be made to the relevant language section about the course of action regarding the subject of the complaint and you will receive feedback on this.

3. If, in your opinion, the complaint has still not been dealt with adequately, please submit your complaint (C) by telephone, in writing or by e-mail to Your complaint will be registered, and you will receive confirmation of receipt within 2 working days. The Management Team will monitor the timely handling and response to your complaint. The course of events will be thoroughly investigated, and you will receive feedback on your complaint within 2 weeks. If more time is needed, you will receive an e-mail message within 2 weeks communicating the time frame for handling. If the complaint is justified, Regina Coeli will offer you a reparation proposal.

4. Should this fail to reach an agreement, you may refer your complaint to an arbitration committee. For private individuals, this can be done by De Geschillencommissie Particuliere Onderwijsinstellingen, Bordewijklaan 46, Postbus 90 600, 2509 LP Den Haag (

5. For business Clients, it is at The Quality Enforcement Committee of the NRTO, Papiermolen 34, 3994 DK Houten ( /). The committees have been established to settle disputes between the Client and Provider insofar as the disputes relate to the services and/or goods to be provided or delivered by the Provider. The decision of the appeal body is binding on the institute; any consequences will be dealt with promptly by the institute.

Recourse to an arbitration committee can be made after the service provider´s internal complaint procedure has been exhausted and this has not led to a solution. For the handling of a dispute by an arbitration committee, the General Terms and Conditions of the NRTO member concerned and the NRTO code of conduct are key to the decision-making process.

6. A complaint will always be treated confidentially. Complaints and the way in which they are dealt with will be registered and kept for a maximum of 12 months.

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