French course

Learn French well and effectively

If you have French-speaking customers, suppliers or other contacts, it’s beyond simply handy to speak French well. Even if you understand the French language on paper, spoken French is so lively that speaking and listening to it are generally considerably more complicated.

Or can you manage, but do you nevertheless want to communicate more effectively in French culture? You’ll accomplish far more when you use the right words.

After a French language course at Regina Coeli, you’ll both speak the language and understand how to communicate in culturally appropriate ways.




Learn to speak business French fluently

During your French training course at Regina Coeli, you receive private lessons from several language trainers. You learn precisely what you need at a pace you can handle. You have your language trainers’ full attention—they give you personal feedback and show you how to be more effective in French culture.

Between your lessons, you practice with fellow students and do all sorts of assignments that involve the use of authentic French material because that’s what you’d encounter in real life.

This way, you’ll be good and ready to use French in the real world.

Would you like to know if a course at Regina Coeli is suitable for you? Then call one of our Client Services employees on +31 (0)73 - 684 87 52 (available between 9.00 and 17.00).


Types of language courses

Individual language training   For 2 persons or more   For secondary school students

* for Regina Coeli alumni only



Learn to speak French fluently

A pleasant and quiet learning environment

Students experience how nice it is to stay at Regina Coeli for a few days, where they discover the peace and quiet needed to concentrate fully on learning the language.

The tranquillity, cleanliness and order you find with us are part of the nuns’ legacy. A French international order of nuns founded Regina Coeli, and sisters from all over the world gave the language lessons. As a result, we came to be known as ‘the Nuns of Vught’.

Frequently asked questions about French training courses at Regina Coeli

Why would I go to the Netherlands to learn French?
Our method is unique. Our students achieve excellent results and spread the word among their acquaintances and families, which brings people from the world over to us. Our trainers are native French speakers, we have an optimal learning environment, and we work with a method that allows you to learn a language faster and with lasting gains.

Who gives the lessons?
A team of language trainers provides your training. All our employees are native speakers from France and Wallonia who now also speak Dutch well and have a great deal of experience in providing (business) language training.

What would my training course look like?
That’s largely up to you. You design your training course together with a trainer based on your goals, current skill levels, and wishes.

When can I come to Regina Coeli?
The next possible starting date for your course depends on your requirements. For current course availability, please call 073-6848752

How much does a French training course cost?

The price of your training depends on the number of days your training will be. An indication of our rates can be found on the fees page.