During your stay

Everything you need to know before your arrival

Naturally, you want to be well-prepared before starting your course at Regina Coeli. You receive a great deal of practical information and study tips during your intake appointment and from Client Services. Be sure to take the time to read it all.

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We welcome you at 8.00 in the morning on your first day of lessons. You then receive a bag with course materials and, if you are staying with us, your room key.

Sunday evening arrivals can check in between 20.00 and 23.00. You can then go straight to your first lesson or to the language lab after breakfast on Monday morning.

Your training programme

As a student at Regina Coeli, you follow a personal training programme. The days at Regina Coeli start at 8.20 and last until the evening.

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During your training you will be a guest at Regina Coeli all day long. All your meals will be served by members of our catering staff in Restaurant Eatwell.

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Sports and recreation

A healthy learning environment allows for study time and movement. We encourage you to make use of our fitness room and yoga lessons or borrow a bicycle to take in the wooded surroundings.

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Staying at Regina Coeli

We recommend letting go of thoughts of work and home while you are taking your course so you can fully focus on learning the language. Staying at Regina Coeli's guest wing will lead to better results than staying elsewhere at the end of your lesson days.

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