Refresher day

For former course members

Once they have discovered how valuable and fun learning a foreign language can be, many people would like to take it a step further. Our students often tell us that they will certainly come back for another language course to work on things like putting their existing knowledge into practice and/or learning new skills.

Brush up your skills

A refresher day is a good way to brush up on your skills, especially if you do it within a year of your language course. You get to refresh your knowledge, have someone point out the mistakes that have gradually crept (back) into your language and have the chance to ask questions about things you have encountered since your course—all, of course, under the guidance of our language trainers.

How you spend your refresher day

The format of a refresher day is the same as a regular course day at Regina Coeli. You have four private lessons, four study hours and a hearty lunch. It is up to you to decide which subjects you would like to cover in the individual lessons.
You could consider:
  • consolidating the knowledge and skills you acquired during your language course.
  • working on problems you have encountered in practice since the course.
  • receiving additional explanation on a grammar subject.
  • practising an important presentation or preparing for a meeting.
  • working on your conversation skills.


Because we still remember you from your language course, we do not have to go to great lengths to prepare for your arrival. All you need to do to prepare for your return day is fill in a short questionnaire and (if necessary) have a short telephone conversation. That is why we are able to offer the refresher day - within a year after your language training - for a special price. Check our rates page if you're interested.

Interested in a refresher day?

Please let us know if you are interested in a refresher day:

A course member about his refresher day

Javier Alvarez de Eerens, Manager international desk Rabobank:

"Because no one corrects me, little mistakes have been creeping into my Italian—that’s why I came for this follow-up day. I want to be aware of my areas for improvement in the language."

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