Preparation programme

Get a head start

A preparation programme is the ideal way to get ready for an intensive training course at Regina Coeli. The programme helps you take some time to get used to the structure of the language or a new script, which will then make it easier to absorb new information during your intensive course.

Examples of preparation programmes

A preparation day
Anywhere from a week to a few weeks before you start your intensive training course, you come to Regina Coeli for a day.

  • In the four private lessons you have on that day, you learn how the new language differs substantially from Dutch (or another supporting language that you and our trainers speak, such as English), or you brush up on your knowledge
  • In your four independent study hours, you practise the material covered in the previous hour and prepare for the next lesson
  • After your preparation programme, you can keep practising at home using the e-learning programme

A preparation day is recommended for Spanish, Italian or Portuguese courses, among others.

Online preparation lessons
For Arabic and Russian, we recommend taking some online lessons from one of our trainers before your training.

  • Get familiar with the script
  • Learn to distinguish the sounds

When you can master those things before you come for an intensive course, the pace of your lessons will be considerably faster than if you were to start your course with no knowledge whatsoever.

Online preparation is highly recommended for beginners who want to take Arabic or Russian courses.

Book a preparation programme

Every Regina Coeli course can be combined with a preparation programme. Discuss your wishes with one of our colleagues in Client Services when you book your training or talk about the options with a trainer during your intake.

For preparation programmes, our regular rates apply.

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