Dutch training at the High Tech Campus

Free Dutch Workshops at High Tech Campus

Would you like to learn some Dutch basics both quickly and well? If you work at the High Tech Campus, you can take lessons right around the corner! Language Institute Regina Coeli is organizing four free workshops at The Strip in October, two Dutch courses will be starting in January 2023. 

Perfect Pitch Presentation

Take one of our Perfect Pitch Presentation workshops on one of two different dates. In it, you will learn to introduce and tell a bit about yourself in Dutch. The secret to this workshop is that you immediately learn the words you need and you get to use them right away. 

Date   Location   Time
3 October   Room Bohr, The Strip   12:30-13:15
17 October   Room Bohr, The Strip   12:30-13:15

Coffee Corner Conversation

You can also take part in one of the two Coffee Corner Conversation workshops. Here, you get to learn how Dutch people make small talk on the work floor. What can you say if a colleague stops you in the coffee corner and says ‘Lekker weertje hè?’ (Nice weather, isn’t it?) or ‘Het is weer bijna weekend’ (It’s almost the weekend again!)?

After taking this workshop, you will no longer feel tongue-tied and you will be able to keep the conversation going in Dutch.

Date   Location   Time
14 October   Room Bohr, The Strip   12:30-13:15
24 October   Room Bohr, The Strip   12:30-13:15

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Location on the High Tech Campus

The workshops take place at The Strip:

The Nuns of Vught

Regina Coeli is also known as 'the Nuns of Vught'. We are best known for our intensive language courses in Vught. 

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