Dutch training on the High Tech Campus

Language Institute Regina Coeli is back on the High Tech Campus! If you want to learn Dutch quickly and well, you can join one of our training courses in Eindhoven.

These small-group lessons are for people with an international background—a wonderful opportunity to learn or improve your Dutch now!


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Dutch courses at the High Tech Campus

  • Choice of Social Dutch or Dutch@Work at 4 different levels
  • Small groups of 4 or 5 people
  • 6 weeks of 2 evening lessons a week of 2 hours each
  • Led by a native speaker
  • Training in the Vitality Hub on the High Tech Campus

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Learn Dutch intensively alongside your work

With our courses, you can easily learn Dutch alongside your work. And thanks to the different entry levels, you can map out your own learning trajectory.

A manageable workload
Our courses last six weeks, with two 2-hour meetings each time. You also do homework (3 to 4 hours a week) and put the language into practice. In combination with your work, it is an intensive programme, but with the help of our language trainers, you’ll surely do well!

Learn step-by-step
If you want to keep learning after a course, you can take next one. Each follows seamlessly on from the one before. At least, it does when you’ve done your homework like you’re supposed to...

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What kind of institute is Regina Coeli?

  • A language institute in Vught (near Den Bosch), founded by a monastic order of nuns (‘the Nuns of Vught’)
  • Specialised in intensive, private training courses. Learn a language over a week or a weekend, for example
  • Training is delivered by native speakers
  • 4300 students a year
  • 97.3% of trainees recommend us

Courses at a glance

Course   Day   Time   Starting level   Starting dates
Dutch@Work 1   Tue + Thu   18 - 20 h   beginner   7 March, 25 April
Dutch@Work 2   Tue + Thu   18 - 20 h   A1.1   7 March, 25 April
Dutch@Work 3   Tue + Thu   18 - 20 h   A1.2   7 March, 25 April
Advanced Dutch@Work   Mon + Wed   19 - 21 h   A2.1 and above   6 March, 24 April
Social Dutch 1   Mon + Thu   18 - 20 h   beginner   6 March, 24 April
Social Dutch 2   Mon + Thu   18 - 20 h   A1.1   6 March, 24 April
Social Dutch 3   Mon + Thu   18 - 20 h   A1.2   6 March, 24 April
Advanced Social Dutch   Mon + Wed   19 - 21 h   A2.1 and above   6 March, 24 April

After an intake with your trainer, you’ll be assigned to a group. We make sure that everyone in your group has close to the same level you do.

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Social Dutch or Dutch@Work?

Are you looking to learn Dutch for informal situations at work or primarily for life in the Netherlands? By choosing the right training course, you’ll learn exactly the words and phrases you need.

Dutch@Work   Social Dutch
  • Learn how to introduce yourself: What do you do for a living? What’s your educational background? What are you good at?
  • Informal chats with colleagues.
  • Language for situations such as meetings and presentations.
  • Grammar is a more important part of the training. You practice this immediately in class.
  • Learn to introduce yourself: Where are you from? What are your hobbies? Where do you live?
  • Asking other people questions.
  • Language for situations such as parent-teacher conferences/shopping/being in a restaurant/visiting the doctor’s office.
  • You mainly spend time talking during these courses.

Location on the High Tech Campus

The courses take place at High Tech Campus 085. View a detailed campus map >


The course fee for levels 1, 2 and 3 training courses is €999 (excluding VAT) or €1099 (VAT-exempt). This price includes:

  • 12 lessons of 2 hours in a group of 5 people
  • Homework assignments
  • Coffee and tea during the lessons
  • Learning materials
  • Use of the online learning environment

Fee Advanced Course

The advanced training course takes place in a smaller group (4 persons). The price for this training is €1249 (excluding VAT) or €1375 (VAT-exempt).

Some reactions from participants

“Great keywords in the notebook, these are used on a day-to-day basis, therefore great in remembering the words. Great teachers and always able to answer any questions.”

“I like how the classes are divided per day/topic and how the teacher adapts to our questions and mixing with ‘common knowledge’ of Dutch.“

“I should practice a lot not to forget the things I learned. Though, that’s the challenge of taking an intense course.“

Are you interested in language and career?

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