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17 November 2023

Taking the plunge: Learn Dutch with Regina Coeli's part-time immersion program

If you've ever contemplated learning Dutch efficiently, Regina Coeli, affectionately known as 'the Nuns of Vught,' might be the key to unlocking fluency. Renowned for its intensive language courses, Regina Coeli offers a full-immersion experience that significantly accelerates the language-learning process. The private lessons with native speakers, diverse learning materials, and an immersive environment characterize this renowned language institute.

14 November 2023

Through any kind of weather

Dutch people go by bike to work, school, the pub, the sports club, you name it. And you’ll generally find them cycling through any kind of weather. A heavy downpour doesn’t stop the Dutch (and the expats who have also adopted the habit) from hopping on their bikes. How do they manage?

6 June 2023

Learn Dutch the way you would eat ice cream

Would you like to join us for an ice cream? Not many people would turn down that offer. And how would you react if you were asked: ‘Would you like to learn Dutch with us?’ Chances are you’d have to think about that a little more and all sorts of doubts would pop up in your head. If you can really enjoy ice cream, then you have everything you need to learn Dutch well. Read on!

14 February 2023

Learning Dutch: when are you going to get started?

When you’ve just arrived in the Netherlands, you face an important decision: are you going to learn Dutch? And when will you do that: right away or after you settle in a bit?

14 February 2023

The power of an intensive training course

Does learning a language quickly also mean forgetting it quickly? If you do it right, it doesn't.

14 February 2023

You learn about the culture alongside the language

Even if you speak a language completely correctly when it comes to grammar, the approach you take can often be vastly different to what you might do in your mother tongue. This has everything to do with cultural differences.

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