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Learning Chinese is not a mission impossible. At Language Institute Regina Coeli, you quickly learn Mandarin so you can manage in daily life in China and Taiwan. You learn both the language and the (business) culture in your private lessons with our native Chinese-speaking trainers.

You can once again take a language course at Regina Coeli in our safe, relaxing surroundings. Read more about it in our corona protocol.

What does a Chinese course at Regina Coeli involve?

Whether you are a beginner or already speak Mandarin quite well, your course at Regina Coeli is fine-tuned to your abilities. The focus is on speaking and understanding the language because that is what you need most in real life. The different tones and sounds make that an art form in itself! 

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Why Regina Coeli

  • Efficient programme for learning to understand and speak Chinese 
  • Extensive personal guidance
  • Lessons from native speakers from China and Taiwan
  • Pinyin helps you continue independently on your learning journey

Chinese course

In your Chinese language course, you will develop communication skills for working with the Chinese. This takes place and is given shape in a business context. While intensively practicing the tones and sounds, you simultaneously and rapidly build relevant vocabulary and communication skills.

Trainers from China and Taiwan
You are guided in your process by trainers from China and Taiwan. They teach you the language using pinyin, which is the fastest way to learn Mandarin Chinese because it supports you in learning correct pronunciation. You also learn the most common Chinese characters so you can recognise them in daily Chinese life.

Chinese characters and pinyin
We will devote time and attention to learning to read and write Chinese characters only after you have reached a particular level of speaking and understanding in the language. Until that time, you will learn Chinese using pinyin: the Roman alphabet with special accents to indicate tone.

You follow a completely personalised lesson programme consisting primarily of private lessons, independent study and online resources. In addition, you dine with a Chinese trainer in our restaurant twice a week, where you get the chance to have conversations in Chinese. Your programme is carefully calibrated to your level and what you need Chinese for.

Chinese for beginners
Is Chinese a completely new language to you? You build a great foundation by learning all the relevant subjects and grammar in our 5-day beginners’ course. De beginnerscursus wordt op deze pagina als apart onderwerp toegelicht.

Advanced Chinese language course
If you already have the basics of Mandarin Chinese down pat and would like to take your skills a step further, we will sit down together in a personal intake appointment to design a programme for you. In it, we discuss what you would like to achieve and determine your current skill levels, and then put together a personalised training programme for you based on this information.

Learn the basics of the Chinese language in one week

You can learn a great deal in just one week, even if you have absolutely no previous knowledge of the Chinese language. After having had a week of Chinese language training with a total of twenty private lessons, you will be able to confidently express yourself in Chinese. Just as importantly, you and your Chinese counterpart will understand one another.

After following our basic programme, you will be able to talk about yourself and your work/organisation/family, make hotel arrangements in China, order items in shops and restaurants and even negotiate prices. You will also be able to plan appointments, arrange transportation and ask the way. Learning the Chinese language you need in order to communicate successfully in all these subject areas also leads to cultural insights.

Day 1:  Pinyin and greetings
At the end of the day you will be able to:

  • greet someone and introduce yourself,
  • apologise,
  • part ways,
  • and you will have used pinyin and intensively practised the tones and sounds of the language. 

Day 2:  Pinyin and identity
At the end of the day you will be able to:

  • explain who you are, where you come from, where you live and where you work;
  • introduce another person;
  • explain why you are in China, the kind of work you do and describe your department and family;
  • and you will have used pinyin and intensively practised the tones and sounds of the language.    

Days 3 and 4: Numbers and amounts 
At the end of day 4 you will be able to:

  • use numbers and amounts to inquire into prices at shops and purchase items in a typical Chinese 24-hour shop;
  • bargain and ask for a discount;
  • order food and drink in a restaurant;
  • exchange currency at a bank;
  • compare the cost of living in both countries.  

Day 5:  Time and travel  
At the end of the day 5 you will be able to:

  • explain how you travel to work,
  • describe your flight itinerary and delays,
  • describe a business trip itinerary,
  • book a flight,
  • discuss a variety of transportation options and ask the way,
  • take care of the details related to a hotel stay.

Your personal goals
You work with your end goals in mind throughout your course. The better you are when you begin, the more detailed those goals can and will be. Most important: all our course members can manage in a Chinese-speaking environment after their Chinese course with us.

An unforgettable experience
It is hard work learning Chinese in a short time. At the same time, you get all the personal attention you need to give you wings. You can retreat to a tranquil environment and leave your daily cares behind. It is easy to meet other students while you are at our institute because everyone is here making an all-out effort to learn a language. Everyone feels connected.

Types of courses
Language Institute Regina Coeli is renowned for its intensive language courses, the ‘week with the Nuns’. If you do not yet speak Chinese, we highly recommend the intensive course so you can achieve flow. If you already speak the language, you can certainly make use of our other training options.

Intensive individual courses
You learn by leaps and bounds in our 5-day intensive courses because you remain completely focused on the language. You can take this course from Monday to Friday, or spread it out over multiple weeks. You can also add days to it or make it shorter. Read more...

Refresher day
A refresher day is a good way to brush up on your skills. You get to refresh your knowledge, have someone point out the mistakes that have gradually crept (back) into your language and have the chance to ask questions about things you have encountered since your course. Read more...

Language weekend
Take a weekend-long, tailor-made intensive individual language course, complete with an active social programme. Read more... 

In-company training
Together with you, we put together an effective training based on the shared and individual learning goals of the team members. Read more...

Team training
You can book team training at Regina Coeli for as few as two people. Your employees will take lessons together at our institute, following their tailor-made programme. Read more...

Online language training
Every language course at Regina Coeli can be complemented with online language training. Read more...

Every language course at Regina Coeli is tailor-made for you. Following your personal intake interview, you will receive a detailed, non-binding proposal for the most effective language programme for you.

You can of course consult the list with our fees.

Culture and language training

If you are planning to do business in China or Taiwan, learning to speak fluent Mandarin might not be your first priority. Sometimes it can be better to first see whether you can get your foot in the door before investing in learning the language. For this reason, Regina Coeli is now offering a short Chinese culture and language course—one which will give you a good understanding of the culture and a bit of language to break the ice.

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A student about his Chinese course

'I have lessons with four different trainers throughout the week. They each have their own way of teaching, talking about different things and sharing their experiences.'

Jaap Pees
Co-owner of Firm Capital Partners B.V.

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A student about his Chinese course

The Regina Coeli Method

The secret to the effectiveness of our courses lies in our time-tested method. The core of the method is a personal programme which involves and inspires you. Moreover, you are coached by native speakers and stay in surroundings which allow you to get centred and completely focus on learning a language.

Prior to offering Mandarin training at Regina Coeli, we researched whether it was possible for someone to learn the language in a short period of time. Our method proved to be an excellent fit for quickly learning Chinese.

individual lessons from native speakers
A tranquil environment
A well-balanced mix from private lessons and multimedia
Attention to culture and communication styles

Native language trainers Chinese

The Chinese language courses are given by a team of language trainers from China and Taiwan. One of them is Lori Tseng Crevecoeur from Taiwan. She studied Economy and Business Administration and acquire much experience in international companies in the Netherlands. She also lived as an expat in China.

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Native language trainers Chinese

Chinese course

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