German course

Powerfully persuasive business German

Knowing German is critical to doing business successfully in Germany. Do you want to come across professionally in a business conversation in German? Take part in a German trade fair? Meet with German colleagues or build your network in Germany? Whatever your goal may be, a German course at Language Institute Regina Coeli will give you precisely the skills you need.

You can once again take a language course at Regina Coeli in our safe, relaxing surroundings. Read more about it in our corona protocol.

A German course at Regina Coeli

Regina Coeli offers German courses which are fully tailored to your needs. Furthermore, your training is completely individual. You work on the skills which are important to you, practising conversations with your trainers which mirror those you (would) have in real life. The course is ideal, whether you already speak German well and would like to come across more professionally, or would like to finally be able to speak German instead of only rattling off cases and prepositions.

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Why Regina Coeli

  • Lessons based on real-life situations
  • Well-educated native speakers who delve into your situation
  • Attention to your personal communication style
  • Boost your self-confidence

German course

Before starting a German course which is fine-tuned to your needs, we need to get a solid idea of who you are and what your goals are. For this reason, you always have an in-depth intake interview with a German trainer beforehand. In it, you will be asked to explain as well as you can:

  • what you need German for,
  • what exactly you do for a living,
  • what kind of organisation you work for,
  • who you (need to) speak with, etc.

In addition, the trainer also assesses your skill levels at that time.

Private lessons from native speakers
During your German course, a team of trainers supports you in reaching your goals. Many students have daily private lessons from four different trainers. If you have a very specialised goal or already have excellent skills and want to work on numerous competences, you might have two trainers. That way, you can be coached in a highly-focused manner.

Practical approach to the language
Regina Coeli does not take a theoretical approach to the language: you apply German grammar and vocabulary directly to your own real-life situations. Of course, you do focus on grammar at times, but only to be able to put it to immediate use.

Your own communication style
The trainers help you develop your own German communication style in the lessons. There is no way round it—you do have to adjust your style somewhat to be effective in another language. How do you bring across your expertise in a way that Germans will appreciate? In your private German lessons, you learn about both the cultural aspects of the language and the influence they have on communication.

Regina Coeli’s German trainers come from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They have varying backgrounds and communication styles. As a student, you benefit from this broad range of German linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Your German course is an individually-tailored programme. It is based on your goals, skills, what you need it for, your preferred learning style(s), the desired intensity of the programme and any other wishes. Your programme can be a combination of private lessons, independent study, multimedia exercises and practical assignments.

Private lessons from native speakers
While with us, you have private lessons from well-educated German speakers. They work on things such as your pronunciation, enriching your vocabulary and improving your grammar, and do role plays and give you tips for writing correctly and convincingly. It all depends on what your goals are.

Independent study
You have time to study and process new information in your independent study hours.

Sophisticated multimedia programme
During your German course, you have access to our multimedia programme, e-Regina. Here you can practise grammar on your own as well as do speaking exercises and compare your answers and pronunciation to that of native speakers.

Practical assignments
Work on one of your own presentations, sales pitches or documents that you (can) use in real life.

Your personal learning goals
The simplest way to measure the results of your course is to determine whether you have met your personal learning goals. If it was your goal to be able to present in German and you can do that by the end of your course, you have succeeded!

Score based on the CEF
At the end of the course, your team of trainers assesses your skills based on the CEF. This is the European norm for assessing skill levels in foreign languages. You receive a score for each specific applicable skill, such as speaking and writing.

An unforgettable experience
A course at Regina Coeli is an experience that stays with you long after you walk out our doors. Feel how wonderful it is to withdraw from the commotion of everyday life and fully concentrate on learning German. You are completely cared for and your team of trainers gives you their time and undivided attention. Besides improving your self-confidence in a foreign language, your network grows when you meet all the other people on their courses here.

Language Institute Regina Coeli is renowned for its intensive individual language courses—the ‘week with the Nuns’, but did you know that so much more is possible? Below you can learn more about our most popular types of courses.

Blended learning
Online training course at temporarily reduced rates

Intensive individual courses
Your skills improve by leaps and bounds in a five-day course because you can fully concentrate on learning the language. You can take this training form from Monday through Friday, or spread it out over multiple weeks. You can also add a day or take a shorter course. Read more...

Refresher day
A refresher day is a good way to brush up on your skills. You get to refresh your knowledge, have someone point out the mistakes that have gradually crept (back) into your language and have the chance to ask questions about things you have encountered since your course. Read more...

Language weekend
Take a weekend-long, tailor-made intensive individual language course, complete with an active social programme. Read more... 

In-company training
Together with you, we put together an effective training based on the shared and individual learning goals of the team members. Read more...

Team training
You can book team training at Regina Coeli for as few as two people. Your employees will take lessons together at our institute, following their tailor-made programme. Read more...

Online language training
Every language course at Regina Coeli can be complemented with online language training. Read more...

Every language course at Regina Coeli is tailor-made for you. Following your personal intake interview, you will receive a detailed, non-binding proposal for the most effective language programme for you.

You can of course consult the list with our fees.

A student about her German course

'The institute is extraordinarily professional; it’s all in the details. This course was a gift to myself and it truly feels like one!’

Yellie Alkema
Director of SYARK green concepts

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A student about her German course

The Regina Coeli Method

The secret to the effectiveness of our courses lies in our time-tested method. The core of the method is a personal programme which involves and inspires you. Moreover, you are coached by native speakers and stay in surroundings which allow you to get centred and completely focus on learning a language.

Individual lessons from native speakers
A tranquil environment
A well-balanced mix of private lessons and multimedia
Attention to culture and communication styles

German course

Powerfully persuasive business German

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