German course

Be convincing in your professional communication in German

German is one of the most important trade languages in Europe. In fact, if you do business with Germany, the need to speak German well is more or less logical. If your German isn’t yet at a level that allows you to feel confident conducting a (professional) conversation, it pays to invest in good language training.

During a training course at Regina Coeli, you quickly learn to be able to do what you want in German. It’s directly tailored to your real-life situation.




Learn professional German

During your German course at Regina Coeli, you’ll learn more than you ever thought possible. Our lessons cannot be compared with the German lessons you might have had at school in the past. With us, you learn to communicate in German instead of spending loads of time studying grammar in detail.

You get to work one-on-one on your personal goals with your language trainer(s). Whether you want to give a presentation to a German client, learn to write e-mails better and faster or make a phone call more easily, you can do it all in your training. You get a lot of practise using role-plays, for example, so you can immediately start using German at work after your training.

Would you like to know if a course at Regina Coeli is suitable for you? Then call one of our Client Services employees on +31 (0)73 - 684 87 52 (available between 9.00 and 17.00).


Types of language courses

Individual language training   For 2 persons or more   For secondary school students

* for Regina Coeli alumni only

Improve your German now!

An optimal environment for learning German

Regina Coeli stems from an international order of nuns, and in the past, those nuns gave the lessons. That’s why we’re also known as ‘the Nuns of Vught’.

Even though the sisters no longer work at the institute, you still notice the tranquillity, cleanliness, and order that are part of their legacy. After all, these things make it is easy to concentrate on learning languages.

We believe that your effectiveness skyrockets when you learn to speak another language and that the impact of organisations greatly increases when employees speak multiple languages.

Frequently asked questions about the German courses at Regina Coeli

Can I learn German in a week?
You can learn a lot in a week, and we even hear from students that they learned more in five days than in all their years at school. That’s because you learn in an extremely focused manner and follow an intensive programme which brings you into a flow.

By the way, in addition to the classic ‘week to the nuns’, you can also opt to come for a weekend or another type of short training.

How do you decide what my training programme will be like?
Your programme’s design is based on your personal goals. You discuss these during your intake, after which the language trainer puts together a programme for you. The language trainers also immerse themselves in your situation to make the lessons as valuable as possible for you.

Do the lessons take place in a cloister?
Our current building is built on the grounds of the former cloister. It’s a thoroughly modern building where space and tranquillity are taken into account. Most students have their course here.

Do you have to stay the night at Regina Coeli?
We cordially invite you to spend the night in our accommodation, but we don’t require it. If you do you stay at Regina Coeli, though, you’ll be much more focused on the task at hand.

When can I come to Regina Coeli?
The next possible starting date for your course depends on your requirements. For current course availability, please call 073-6848752

How much does a German course cost?
The fees for a day of language training at our institute can be found on our fees page

Are you interested in language and career?

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