The Regina Coeli Method

At Regina Coeli, you make big progress in a foreign language in a short period of time. Learning a language is normally a long-term process, but with our method, you can rapidly reach the level you need.
The nuns who founded our language institute developed our unique method. Back then, they had already figured out that the best way to learn a language is in a programme that is as personal as possible and in a pleasant environment.

A unique programme

You are unique. That is why we design a personal training programme especially for you. We make your training as goal-orientated as possible.
We get to know you better during an intake interview so that your language trainers can familiarise themselves with your situation. And that goes a long way. Many course members say they have never experienced as much customisation as they have at Regina Coeli.

Flow through intensity

Our training courses are intensive. You work on and in the language from early in the morning until late in the evening, usually for several days in a row. The variety in both the programme and the language trainers is what makes this possible. You come into a flow, so you absorb and can apply the material quickly.
The serene surroundings and the other course members around you help you to stay in that flow. We take care of everything during your stay, from healthy, delicious meals in the restaurant to opportunities for sports and relaxation.

Expert coaching

During your training, you are coached by native speakers. They support you in developing your language skills, cultural awareness and communication style. Most importantly, though, they ensure that you feel at ease in the language so that even after your training, you can communicate with self-confidence.

In between lessons, you can use Regina Coeli’s e-learning system to hone your skills. The exercises have all been developed by our trainers and are designed to help the material sink in and challenge you.

Experience it yourself

When you follow a course at Regina Coeli, you really experience the effect of our method. We often hear from our students that a course with us is the ultimate in tailor-made training and that they have learned far more than just a foreign language.

Take a look at the language of your choice or register for a training course directly.

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Origins of the method

The Sisters of the Holy Order of St. Augustine came to Vught at the beginning of the 20th century, later laying the foundation of our successful method and our view on language acquisition. They are the reason we are known as ‘the Nuns of Vught’.

The nuns already knew that the fastest way to learning a language was to design a programme which completely caters to the course member’s needs. The thought behind this is that everyone learns in his or her own way and has his or her own goals.

The nuns also felt it was essential to create a pleasant learning environment, on the one hand to encourage better contact between the course members and language trainers, and on the other to create an environment in which the participant can fully concentrate on his or her own learning process. 

Effectiveness proven through scientific research

Since then, our working methods have been backed by scientific studies. The human brain appears to be most open to learning and recollection in a safe environment, in a context which personally inspires and emotionally moves, in a rhythm which offers variety, and with learning aids which adequately stimulate the senses.

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The Regina Coeli method ensures that you learn to speak a foreign language quickly and effectively. Our highly qualified trainers teach you the skills, vocabulary and grammar that you need for your specific situation so you can immediately start communicating in the language.

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