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High level Dutch training

Do you want to speak Dutch well? Then Language Institute Regina Coeli is the place to be. You can rapidly improve your Dutch skills with us at Regina Coeli. Whether you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of Dutch, or already speak the language well and just want to be that much more persuasive, our team of trainers are happy to design a training programme for you which allows you to learn Dutch at your level, in a way that fits you and your needs.

You can once again take a language course at Regina Coeli in our safe, relaxing surroundings. Read more about it in our corona protocol.

A training Dutch at Regina Coeli

At Regina Coeli we compose a Dutch training programme specifically for you. The starting point for this is your intake appointment, which is when we design your tailor-made programme together. You receive lessons from three to four trainers, depending on your programme. Between the lessons you work on assignments such as individual multimedia exercises, writing assignments or preparing a short presentation.


Why Regina Coeli

  • Time-tested method based on scientific insights 
  • Individual lessons focused on your personal goals and what you need the language for
  • Trainers who speak numerous languages so that most students get explanations in their own language
  • Extensive experience in training both beginners and advanced speakers from a range of professional backgrounds

Dutch course

Advanced language training Dutch

The first steps in learning Dutch tend to be quite big. You can soon have short conversations and quickly see that others understand you, which is very motivating. After a time, however, you may have the feeling that you are not progressing any further in your skills. How do you learn Dutch better?

Learn Dutch language
A Dutch language course at Regina Coeli is ideal if you already have knowledge of the Dutch language. Just try to find another programme so seamlessly tailored to your needs! We build on the knowledge and skills you already have. Perhaps you need to unlearn a few habits, or maybe you simply need that one small tip to make a big leap forward. That is only possible in an individual Dutch language course with the coaching of our expert trainers.

With a Dutch language course at Regina Coeli you can:

  • improve your awareness of the structure of Dutch and put it into practice.
  • learn Dutch pronunciation in a correct way.
  • overcome your fear of speaking Dutch.
  • expand your vocabulary.
  • practise specific skills such as presenting or negotiating.

The results of your Dutch language course
Prior to the Dutch language course, you determine the outcome you would like to see, as well as the length and design of the programme, with a trainer. Together, you formulate clear, achievable objectives which you will work towards during your course.

Dutch language training for beginners

Learning Dutch is a great adventure. When you have just arrived in the Netherlands, you find yourself in a country full of people who seem to be speaking gobbledygook. Yet, after a week of Dutch lessons during a Dutch language course at Language Institute Regina Coeli, you will be decoding the language, you will have discovered the parallels Dutch shares with other languages and you will have built up a substantial foundation of vocabulary and grammatical knowledge. As a result, a whole world will open up before you!

What does a beginner’s Dutch language course look like?
Regina Coeli provides tailor-made individual Dutch language courses so you can achieve optimum results.  Your team of trainers puts together a logical programme for you. Every day you learn new things which you then practice in the multimedia and put to use in conversations with your team of trainers and the other course participants. Every day is well a well-rounded whole, allowing you to see progress and immediately apply what you have learned.

The results
At Regina Coeli you can learn Dutch in a week’s time. As a beginner you learn the basics during a Dutch language course:

  • You will be able to introduce yourself.
  • You can have a simple conversation in Dutch, make plans and appointments, ask questions etc.
  • You build vocabulary which is important for you personally.
  • You learn Dutch pronunciation and word stress.
  • You lay a good foundation in grammar: verbs, definite and indefinite articles, sentence structure.

The end result depends on your native language, the number of languages you already speak and your starting level. We carefully tailor each training programme to the individual learning style and needs of the course member to learn Dutch in the most effective way.

Follow-up options for your Dutch language course
Can you learn to speak a language perfectly in a week? No, unfortunately not. Language is best learned by using it, by staying curious about it and by receiving immediate feedback. For that reason, most course members follow a longer training trajectory to learn Dutch. The choice is yours. After your Dutch language course at Regina Coeli you can always book follow-up training.

Business Dutch

If you have to or want to use Dutch in the workplace, that can put your abilities to the test. If you have not yet adequately mastered Dutch, you will notice that you are not able to be as effective in the Dutch language as you are in your native language. How do you make it clear that you know a thing or two when you cannot find the right words in Dutch? And how do you come across when you deliver a presentation which is strong in terms of content, but peppered with grammatical errors?

What you need is a Dutch language course which allows you to create a Dutch version of the specialist you are in your own language. It is therefore not only important that you use the Dutch language well, but that you can communicate, cooperate and do business in a Dutch way.

The programme of your Dutch language course
Prior to your Dutch language course, you have an in-depth conversation with a Dutch trainer in which you determine the outcome you would like to see and the design of the programme. If achieving your objectives is your sole priority, we determine how many Dutch lessons you need and advise you on the best way to make that happen. It could be that you would like to work on your Dutch language skills for an entire week. We then estimate which of your objectives you will be able to reach within that amount of time.

Specially-designed training
Very specific objectives require specially-designed training. Language Institute Regina Coeli creates an individual Dutch language course for you in which you are coached by a team of Dutch language trainers. Learn Dutch in the most effective way.

Aspects of your Dutch language course could include:

  • expanding your vocabulary based on your position, organisation and sector. 
  • learning to deliver powerfully persuasive presentations in Dutch. 
  • participating effectively in meetings.
  • carrying on business conversations in Dutch. 
  • applying the grammar rules more consistently.
  • working on your pronunciation.
  • improving your writing skills.

The results of your Dutch language course
At the end of your Dutch language course at Language Institute Regina Coeli, you will not only have reached your personal goals but also have enriched your life. By spending a week learning Dutch, you learn a great deal about your personal effectiveness and expand your cultural tool kit.

Language Institute Regina Coeli is renowned for its intensive individual language courses—the ‘week with the Nuns’, but did you know that so much more is possible? Below you can learn more about our most popular types of courses.

Blended learning
Online training course at temporarily reduced rates.

Intensive individual courses
Your skills improve by leaps and bounds in a five-day course because you can fully concentrate on learning the language. You can take this training form from Monday through Friday, or spread it out over multiple weeks. You can also add a day or take a shorter course. Read more...

Refresher day
A refresher day is a good way to brush up on your skills. You get to refresh your knowledge, have someone point out the mistakes that have gradually crept (back) into your language and have the chance to ask questions about things you have encountered since your course. Read more...

Language weekend
Take a weekend-long, tailor-made intensive individual language course, complete with an active social programme. Read more... 

In-company training
Together with you, we put together an effective training based on the shared and individual learning goals of the team members. Read more...

Team training
You can book team training at Regina Coeli for as few as two people. Your employees will take lessons together at our institute, following their tailor-made programme. Read more...

Online language training
Every language course at Regina Coeli can be complemented with online language training. Read more...

Every language course at Regina Coeli is tailor-made for you. Following your personal intake interview, you will receive a detailed, non-binding proposal for the most effective language programme for you.

You can of course consult the list with our fees.

A student about his Dutch course

'I’m extremely motivated. The trainers are excellent. I now have a solid foundation in Dutch and will be able to speak with others in my new job.’

Daniel Koep
Head of exhibitions at The Hague Municipal Museum

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A student about his Dutch course

The Regina Coeli Method

The secret to the effectiveness of our courses lies in our time-tested method. The core of the method is a personal programme which involves and inspires you. Moreover, you are coached by native speakers and stay in surroundings which allow you to get centred and completely focus on learning a language.

Read more about the method
Private lessons from a team of Dutch language trainers
A well-balanced mix of individual lessons, multimedia and study
A language table with a Dutch language trainer is an important part of your programme
During your course you meet several students. Students who learn Dutch and native Dutch students.

Native language trainers Dutch

The Dutch language courses are given by a team of language trainers from the Netherlands. One of them is Yvonne Tupker. She studied speech-language pathology and had her own practice as a speech therapist. Later she studied language and cultural studies at the University of Tilburg.

More Dutch language trainers
Native language trainers Dutch

Dutch course

High level Dutch training

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