Language boost weekend for secondary school students

Learn to speak fluently in Dutch, English, French, German or Spanish

Do you find it hard to have conversations in foreign languages at school and feel like you’ll never learn to? Or maybe that you really want to learn to speak a language fluently but don’t get enough practice at school?

Then take advantage of this unique opportunity and attend a language boost weekend at Regina Coeli, the language institute also known as ‘the Nuns of Vught’. The language boost weekend is intended for students aged 15 to 18.

Aspects of the language boost weekend

  • You have an individual timetable and work on the things you find difficult.
  • Every day, you have several private lessons from our language trainers, who are all native speakers.
  • You can join in on the fun in group activities.
  • We eat together three times a day, so even then, you get the chance to practice.
  • You stay at Regina Coeli for the entire language-boost weekend and spend the night in our accommodation rooms.

The programme

We welcome you to our institute at 19.00 on Friday evening, so we expect you to arrive by that time. You then receive your individual lesson programme and a short explanation of the language training and meet the other participants who are there for the language weekend. Afterwards, we sit down together for a nice bite to eat.

You get off to an early start on Saturday morning: the first lesson starts at 08.20. In between lessons, you have roughly an hour to do your homework and relax in one of the common rooms or your own room in the accommodation. The afternoon ends with a group activity, and we finish off by having dinner together.

Your lesson day on Sunday is the same as Saturday, and we round off the weekend together with a bite and a drink at half-past five.

Sign up for the language boost weekend

Only a limited number of spots are available!

Give your language an extra boost

Besides the language boost weekend, you can also get an online language boost at Regina Coeli. You get to practice speaking the language with a language trainer in your two face-to-face online lessons each week. You could even take some online lessons before and after your language boost weekend for even better results!

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The best place to learn languages

Regina Coeli is the best-known language institute in the Netherlands. This is because well-known Dutch people, sportsmen and politicians regularly come to us to learn foreign languages, and they gladly tell others about it. In general, though, we provide language training to adults who need to become better in a foreign language for their jobs.

We’re often called ‘the Nuns of Vught’ because of our roots—we were founded by an international order of nuns. Nowadays, the nuns no longer give lessons, and we have a thoroughly modern building. Yet, it’s often very peaceful there because everyone’s busy studying while they’re there—in that way, it still reminds many students of a cloister.

Het taleninstituut in Vught waar je een weekend verblijft.
Je krijgt privélessen van mensen die opgegroeid zijn in de taal waarin jij beter wilt worden.
Je overnacht in een kamer in het gastenverblijf van Regina Coeli.