Writing skills training

Learn to write correctly and clearly

Do you regularly write in another language but find it difficult to keep your message clear and concise without making mistakes? Or perhaps you don’t have a hard time finding the right words but have doubts about how to write an effective piece in a foreign language that takes into account all the cultural aspects associated with the language.

Sometimes people say that writing is about the art of omission, but if all your attempts at rewriting leave you with a bin full of crumpled sheets of paper or a screen with little to show for your efforts, you could probably use some help. At Regina Coeli, you take a completely personal writing course in which you learn to write pieces that make an impact.

You can follow writing skills training in the following languages:
Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

Learn how to write a readable and effective text

During your writing training, you work with a trainer on your personal writing challenges. You might zoom in on producing correct writing, specific types of writing, writing more fluently or getting your message across better: you name it!

Before you come for a course, you have a consultation with a language trainer to identify what you want to work on. That way, we can put together a personal training programme for you.

Writing training structure

Writing training programmes consist of ten face-to-face online lessons with a language trainer. During your lessons, you review the writing assignments you’ve done between lessons, and you get tips from your trainer on how to make the writing process easier. You have two lessons a week, and in between, you spend time working on your particular assignments.

The writing training is suitable for anyone with at least a CEF level of B1 in the language.

You can find our fees on our rates page.

Writing training in Vught

You can also take this course at our institute in Vught. We would be happy to discuss the structure of the training with you beforehand. Based on the programme we’ve designed for you, you’ll receive a personal quote for your course with us in Vught.

Follow writing training at Regina Coeli