Intensive individual language training

For rapid and solid results

In an intensive, individual language course at Regina Coeli, you learn a language quickly and thoroughly. In the many private lessons with various language trainers, you work on communicating in a foreign language in practical situations. The full immersion you experience during your intensive training produces exceptional results.

Why choose an intensive, individual language course?

  1. You wish to learn to communicate well in a foreign language quickly.
  2. You learn the language with clear objectives in mind and work towards that goal in the programme.
  3. You wish to put what you have learnt into practice immediately.
  4. The intensive, individual language course is the tried and tested success formula of Regina Coeli (the ‘week with the Nuns’).
  5. You design the training completely around your requirements and preferences.

Tailor-made based on your goals and abilities

You will experience fantastic results with your four daily, private lessons, multimedia lessons and independent study hours; the blend of different language trainers and the programme mix keep you sharp and focussed. The lessons are fully tailored to your learning goals. Because of this unique mix, every moment of the day is effective and productive.

Your stay at our institute

Your intensive, individual language course will take place at our institute in Vught, the Netherlands. We advise our course members to stay in our guest wing during the language course in order to fully concentrate on learning  the language. 

Post-course learning

You learn a great deal in a short amount of time in an intensive language course. Afterwards, it is essential to maintain your skills, and of course the best way to do so is to use the language often. We also offer the opportunity to continue practising the language through a refresher day, online blended language training or language coaching with one of our language trainers, which helps prevent first language-influenced mistakes from creeping (back) in and keeps the language fresh in your mind.

Stay informed

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