A week with the Nuns

Language training with a high return on investment

Have you ever heard that the best way to learn a language is to go to ‘the Nuns’ for a week? What this actually means is that you stay at Regina Coeli from Monday to Friday and have a programme of mainly private lessons from native speakers. You're immersed in the language, which is how we make sure that after your training, you can use the language immediately in real life. It’s one of the most efficient ways to learn a foreign language!

Completely personalised training

During your training week at Regina Coeli, you work with language trainers on your personal goals at your skill levels and within the context you need the language for. We make this possible by conducting an extensive intake interview with you beforehand. By tailoring the training programme fully to your situation, we ensure that you make significant progress.

The lessons focus on your personal learning goals. At other times of the day, you can practice the language to the fullest by speaking with your fellow students during breakfast, lunch, dinner or in the evening at the bar. This helps you become as proficient as possible in the language and feel even more motivated to carry on, although, of course, these are also moments of relaxation.

The variety of language trainers and the variation in the programme keep you sharp. Every moment of the day is, therefore, effective and productive.

The week with the Nuns in short

  1. You focus on learning a foreign language for five consecutive days
  2. You follow an individual programme aimed at teaching you how to communicate in the foreign language and which you develop your personal communication style
  3. Native speakers deliver your course and can teach you the finer points of the language and culture

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The programme

A day at Regina Coeli consists of four private lessons and four hours of independent study. While you're with us, you also take part in two language tables and a group activity led by a language trainer. If you’d like to, you can also take a yoga class, use the fitness facilities or explore the natural surroundings. On Friday afternoon, you’ll go home with not only loads of new language knowledge but also a wealth of experience.

Your stay at Regina Coeli

Your training will take place at Regina Coeli in Vught, where you can concentrate fully on learning the language. The intensive nature of your training, the variety in your programme and the learning environment all help you to come easily into a flow and learn quickly. There’s little distraction, and you’re fully cared for during your stay.

We advise our students to stay overnight at our institute during their language course to maintain this flow.

Frequently asked questions about training weeks at Regina Coeli

What can I achieve in a week?
You can make tremendous progress in a foreign language in a week. During your intake, a language trainer will help you to form achievable goals, and most beginners can have chats in the new language after just a week. If you already know a bit in a language, you can raise your skill levels in a range of areas.

Can I take a training course for less than a week?
You can take an individual training course that lasts less than five days. It’s also possible, for example, to put together a mix of training days in Vught, online lessons and lessons at your company. This depends entirely on your goals and diary.

How much does training at Regina Coeli cost?
You can find our fees on our rates page.

I’m a beginner. Is a training week suitable for me?
We advise all beginners to come to Regina Coeli for a week. You learn so much in one week that you’ll be able to put it to use afterwards.

When can I start?
You can usually start your language course within a few weeks. For current availability, it's best to contact the Client Services department. They can always reserve a training week for you in advance.

Can a full-week training course also be done online?
We only offer full-week courses at our institute. This training's intensity is only achievable if you don’t have to do anything else while you’re working on your language skills.