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It pays to learn Arabic. The language is spoken in 60 different countries and has been the sixth official language of the United Nations since 1973. Moreover, many native Arabic speakers live in Europe and further abroad. You may want to learn Arabic for your job because you are planning to work in an Arab country, or perhaps because you have Arabic-speaking business relations or friends and family. Whatever your reason for learning Arabic, Regina Coeli is now able to offer you intensive, tailor-made Arabic courses.

An Arabic course at Regina Coeli

At Regina Coeli, you learn standard, modern Arabic—with it, people everywhere in the Arab world will be able to understand you. You start by learning how to write in and the sounds of Arabic, a completely new adventure for many.
Intensive and individual programme
You follow an intensive and individual programme, adapted to your level and your specific (professional) goals. After following our comprehensive basic Arabic training, you will have a solid foundation in Arabic. If you are already an advanced user of language, we will put together a complete, tailor-made programme for you.
If you would like to learn a specific dialect, such as Egyptian-Arabic, North-African-Arabic, Levant-Arabic, the Arabic spoken in the Gulf States or the dialect spoken in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, we recommend that you first learn standard, modern Arabic and then later expand your knowledge to your preferred dialect.

Why Regina Coeli?

  • The training is completely individual.
  • The content of the training is adapted to the specific context you need it for.
  • You are taught by highly-educated native speakers with extensive experience in providing Arabic lessons. They can give you excellent explanations in both Dutch and English.
  • You can fully immerse yourself in learning the language at our institute.
  • You will learn to speak Arabic well in a short time, including key professional terminology.

The programme

Before you take an Arabic course at Regina Coeli, you have an intake interview with a language trainer. During this conversation, you give us important input for your training: Who are you? What kinds of situations will you be using Arabic in? What do you want to be able to do by the time you have finished your course? How quickly do you want to achieve your goals? On the basis of this information, the language trainer will design a training programme for you which includes the specific content that is important to you.
The advantage of individual lessons is that you are able to fully focus on your goals, your lesson content can be fully adapted to you(r profession) and you can start from your current level of knowledge.

Basic Arabic programme

Module 1: writing and sounds

A three-day training block with a half a day of instruction each time. This is given by a language trainer and followed by a half a day of independent study. In this module, you learn Arabic writing and typical Arabic sounds. You can do this using the vocabulary put together especially for you by your trainer.

Module 2: learning to communicate in Arabic

A module of six days in total in which you work on a solid foundation in the Arabic language. We recommend that you do not take all six days consecutively, but take a break after three or so days. This is planned in to fit your own schedule.

Advanced Arabic

If you already have a foundation in Arabic, we build on this in your training. In your intake, you discuss with the language trainer how long your training will last and what you can achieve. You also determine your starting level with the teacher at that moment. It is a good idea to prepare for the intake conversation by practicing Arabic and warming up beforehand. 

Arabic course

Learn the language and the culture

Frequently asked questions about Arabic learning

Is Arabic difficult to learn?

Arabic is a Semitic language. These languages differ in how they sound, the way they are written, their words and their structure from the widely-spoken Germanic and Romance languages of the West. That means you need to be ready to take a deep dive into the language. An intensive course with a great deal of individual guidance will definitely help you to learn the language quickly and well.

I would like to learn a particular Arabic dialect—is that possible?

Yes, it is. We advise you to first learn standard, modern Arabic. With that as a springboard, it is relatively easy to learn an Arabic dialect.
I am a beginner. How much time should I plan between modules?
We recommend that you take two short breaks: one after the first module, and another halfway through the second module. In our opinion, a break of three or four days is ideal, but a longer break is certainly possible as well.
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