Eatwell restaurant refurbishment

The number of students at Regina Coeli is growing. To facilitate this increase, the language institute’s kitchen and restaurant will be refurbished in January and February 2024. The restaurant will become a place to learn, work, meet, dine, enjoy a break and relax. The renovated restaurant is scheduled to open in March 2024.

Completely new restaurant

Energy reduction and a variety of spaces

Regina Coeli is taking advantage of the refurbishment to achieve a significant reduction in its energy consumption. Among other things, this will be done by installing energy-efficient appliances, using LED lighting and abandoning the use of natural gas.

The restaurant will be fitted out with a variety of spaces. The fine dining area will be suitable for extensive dining, while the bistro will be more casual, an inviting place to study between lessons. Our barista, who serves outstanding coffee during the day, will add to this space’s special appeal.

Limited nuisance

The refurbishment period

During the refurbishment, all the normal culinary services will be offered to Regina Coeli’s students. A temporary kitchen will be set up and the bar will be used as a restaurant.

The yoga classes will not be held in January and February.