Russian course

Learn Russian in the way that suits you best

If you work with Russian business partners or contacts, learning Russian is a wise investment. Perhaps you need a simple foundation in Russian to be able to speak some Russian words in informal moments. Yet, learning to speak Russian well is also entirely feasible.

You, too, can now take a relaxed and safe language course at Regina Coeli. Read more about it in our COVID protocol.

Russian training at Regina Coeli

During your Russian language course, you will follow a personal programme which has been tailored to your situation. You follow private lessons and your team of language trainers puts you to work doing independent study assignments outside the lessons. You also get to make use of our institute’s numerous amenities, which allow you to focus entirely on learning the Russian language.

Why Regina Coeli

  • You learn Russian in a short time when you do it intensively
  • The focus is on learning to communicate in Russian
  • You receive lessons from native speakers
  • You follow a personal programme with multiple private lessons
  • At our institute, you can fully concentrate on learning the language

Your training programme

At Regina Coeli, you learn Russian in the way that suits you best. During your intake, you and a language trainer compose a programme to suit your needs and which addresses:

  • your skill level
  • learning style
  • the situations in which you want to be able to communicate in Russian

You and the trainer determine how long your training will last and what you will work on.

Introduction to the language

As a beginner, the Cyrillic alphabet and pronunciation form important cornerstones of your programme. You can then expand your Russian vocabulary and start communicating in Russian.

Lesson days with a fixed pattern

Every lesson day follows a fixed schedule, alternating between private lessons and independent study time. Your day starts at 8.20 a.m. and ends at 5.30 p.m. This is followed by dinner. You can also make use of our accommodation options for students.

More information

For more information about a Russian course at Regina Coeli, please contact us. Because we personally tailor your language course for you, we can best tell you the shape your training will take once we know more about you. Simply call us (+31 (0)73 684 87 90) or fill in the contact form.

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