Conversation training

Having a fluent conversation in another language

Do you have some knowledge of a certain language, but can’t yet manage to have a conversation? Or do you even have a lot of knowledge of a language, but don’t dare open your mouth for fear of making mistakes? Break through that barrier with an online conversation training course at Regina Coeli!

You can follow conversation training in the following languages:
Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

Learn from native speakers

During a conversation course with us, you speak the language you want to learn with native speakers. You get to choose the subjects you want to speak about. Whether it’s chatting about the weather, 19th-century art or a business topic, your trainer is up to the task and can help you find the right words and an effective way to formulate your points.

And you can share with us in advance what kind of feedback you’d prefer to have. For example, you could focus on getting feedback on the most important points for improvement at the end of the lesson, or several times during it.

Conversation training course structure

Conversation courses at Regina Coeli consist of ten face-to-face online lessons with a language trainer. During the course of your programme, you’ll have several language trainers so you can get used to different styles and accents. After all, you’ll also come across all sorts of them in the real world! In your first lesson, you can share with us which topics you’d like to cover in your programme.

Conversation training is suitable for everyone with at least a CEF level of A2 in the language.

You can find our fees on our rates page.

Conversation training in Vught

You can also take this training course with us at our institute in Vught. We would be happy to talk about the programme structure with you beforehand, and you’ll receive a personal quote for your training course in Vught based on the programme we put together for you.

Follow conversation training at Regina Coeli