Reference Maud Koolen

Company lawyer/legal counsel at Pw

Reason for learning English

‘I wanted to able to communicate more smoothly in English and be more self-assured in the language. At the moment, I prefer to communicate with my clients by email. That way, I can think about my word choice and how I structure my sentences, but that takes a lot of time, of course.’


‘In my five-day individual English course, I have general lessons like grammar and social conversation. The other half of the time, I focus on specific legal jargon. I have examples of the kinds of contracts I generally deal with at work with me. The contracts form the input for the lessons. One of the trainers is even a lawyer and you can tell.’


‘I really notice that I’m in a flow. I hope I can keep it going after the course. I had actually expected the course to be more intensive, but that’s probably because I’m used to reading things all day long and communicating in English every day. Moreover, it’s wonderfully peaceful here, so I’m relaxed and can completely focus on the course.’

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