Interview training

Be well-prepared for your job interview

Do you have a job interview sometime soon that you’ll be doing in a foreign language, and are you concerned that under pressure, you won’t be able to give a to-the-point answer or one as powerful as you would in your own language? Or have you never been especially self-confident when having a conversation in another language, but do you really want the job?
A short job interview training course at Regina Coeli will have you coming across well-prepared and self-assured in your interview.

You can follow job interview training in the following languages:
Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

The best version of yourself in a foreign language

Before your training, you send us the vacancy listing, your CV and your cover letter. We then select a language trainer to practice the job interview with you. In it, you’ll deal with interview questions, which can be different from culture to culture. Together with your trainer, you’ll find ways to express best your strengths and your reason for applying. In this way, you’ll learn to let the best version of yourself in a foreign language and culture be seen.

Interview training structure

Job interview training at Regina Coeli usually takes half a day. You spend two private hours with a language trainer, and in between, you prepare for your job interview. You can use our VR room to practice your job interview.

In addition to practising for your interview, we can also help you to draft an international CV or write a cover letter if you’d like. In that case, we’d be happy to schedule a longer training programme for you with four lessons instead of two, for example.

The interview training is suitable for anyone who has at least a CEF level of B1 in the language.

Online interview training

You can also take this course online, in face-to-face lessons with a language trainer. You then take the two lessons within a week.

Follow job interview training at Regina Coeli

Fees interview training

Online interview training

2 face-to-face online lessons (within week)

Business bookings: € 323
excluding 21% VAT for training costs

Private bookings: € 356

the training is exempt from VAT

The above prices are valid for training in 2022. Please check our fees for the prices in 2023.

Job interview training in Vught

  • 2 private lessons
  • Practise your interview using VR (if this is applicable)
  • Includes use of all facilities


Business bookings: € 455
excluding 21% VAT for training costs and 6% VAT for catering

Private bookings: € 501.59
including 9% VAT for catering (the training is exempt from VAT)