How do I know whether I have a B1 level?

B1 is one of the levels listed in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This level means you can use the language independently.

You have a B1 level if you recognise yourself in the ‘I can’ statements below:

  • I can have conversations on everyday topics.
  • I can be clearly understood.
  • In general, I can understand my interlocutor well. He or she does not need to adjust his or her natural speaking tempo.
  • When I come across words I don’t know, I can often understand from the context what the meaning of the word is.
  • When I can’t come up with a word, I can describe it so the other person can understand me anyhow.
  • I am aware of the most important cultural differences.
  • I can write simple, understandable texts.

If you would like to follow a presentation training course, a job interview training course or a training course in writing skills at Regina Coeli, you need at least a B1 level.

If you do not yet have a B1 level and would like to prepare for a presentation or a job interview, we would, of course, also be happy to help you. We would be pleased to advise you on a more in-depth training course in which you work across the board to improve your language skills and zoom in on presenting or interviewing in the language. Please contact us >

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