How do I know whether I have an A2 level?

A2 is one of the levels listed in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Once you have reached this level, you have a foundation in a foreign language.

You have an A2 level if you recognise yourself in the ‘I can’ statements below:

  • I can talk about myself, my work and my environment in the language.
  • I still find it difficult to understand the language. It helps if my interlocutor talks more slowly and uses simple sentences.
  • I can take part in a simple conversation. It is still a challenge to keep the conversation going myself.
  • I can understand the most important points from a short spoken or written text.
  • I can write short and simple notes.

If you want to follow a conversation course at Regina Coeli, you need at least an A2 level.

If you do not yet have an A2 level and are looking for a language course in which the emphasis is on speaking the language, we would be happy to help you. We would be pleased to advise you on more extensive training in which you work across the board to develop your language skills. The emphasis is on speaking in all our training courses, which kills two birds with one stone. Please contact us >


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