Cross language learning off your bucket list!

door Regina Coeli

Learning a language is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. Which is logical, because how nice would it be to be able to effortlessly talk with others when you’re in Spain? Or to be able to ask the chef for their recipe in fluent Italian?

But how useful is it to put learning a language on the list of things you want to do ‘one day’? It’s not something you just go and do in one go. Besides that, the sooner you learn a language, the longer you can enjoy it. Or are you content to wait until you retire to learn a language that you like the sound of or that would give your CV a big boost?

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t put off learning a foreign language:

  1. The sooner you speak that language, the sooner you’ll benefit from it on holiday and professionally.
  2. You’ll have a better chance of reeling in a good job.
  3. You’ll make friends more easily with other people who speak it. Not only because of the language, but also because you gain a deeper understanding of other cultures.
  4. Learning languages is good for your brain. You’ll be able to think and make decisions more quickly.
  5. You’re less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

‘That’s all well and good,’ you may be thinking, ‘but when would I do it?’ Well, have a look at these options:

  • You could set aside a few weekends for learning the language.
  • You could take a week off for your language course.
  • You could take two days off in a row every month for three months to learn the language.
  • You could take a few online lessons every week.

Whatever you do, make sure you learn the language in a highly targeted manner and from a native speaker who can offer you an efficient programme. Regina Coeli is specialised in teaching people languages well in a short time. You can do this in an intensive programme during the week or at the weekend, or through online lessons. We put together a training programme just for you which is completely in line with your wishes.

In this way, you learn the basics of the language very quickly. That’s often precisely what you need to make yourself understood. And it’s just the support you need to independently follow the news, read books and newspapers and expand your vocabulary in the language.

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