Ten habits to improve in a language

door Regina Coeli

If you speak a foreign language, you’ve surely noticed that it’s “use it or lose it”. That’s why it’s so important to keep up your skills. Perhaps you do use the language regularly, but you’ve noticed that your progress has come to a standstill. You can do something about both of these things. 

The easiest way is to make language a part of your daily or weekly routine. Start with one of these ten ideas!

  1. Watch the news in the language you want to get better in every day. You can also read the newspaper, of course.
  2. Read a book or magazine in your target language every month. Take into account the level of difficulty. A Spanish book may be a bit ambitious, but the magazine Hola! is very understandable, even for beginners.
  3. At the end of the day, write about your day in your target language.
  4. Listen to a podcast in your target language in the car or on the train.
  5. Learn five new words every day. Repeat them the day after.
  6. Make a weekly appointment with an acquaintance who speaks the language as a native speaker. Treat him or her to a drink and chat a while.
  7. Instead of setting your software language to Dutch, set it to the language you’re looking to improve your skills in.
  8. Do you regularly see people whose native language is the one you want to get better in? Then agree that from now on, you’ll only use his or her language when you communicate.
  9. Write down unfamiliar words you come across, look them up and commit to using them.
  10. Look up synonyms for words you often use. Read more about it...

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