How do you make language learning fun?

door Regina Coeli

Do you remember them from secondary school: those lists of German cases, irregular verbs in English or French verb conjugations? It probably helped, but whether it was actually fun memorising all that... Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Make sure what you learn in the language is in line with what you do in your daily life. If you’re a pastry chef, for example, it’d be useful to know the names of ingredients in Italian, but you don’t need to build up a vast vocabulary on the subject of maritime transport. And vice versa, of course! When you’re engaged in learning aspects of a language that are relevant to you, learning it feels very meaningful.

Don’t focus on the end goal but on the process. Make language learning as fun as possible. Do that, for example, by:

  • Celebrating your successes! Did you use the German cases flawlessly in an exercise? Great! Maybe you know a good reward for yourself to celebrate!
  • Listening to music or a podcast in your target language. You can find something to suit your interests in every language.
  • Learning sayings in your target language. Sayings are the icing on the cake! Enjoy contemplating the differences in sayings between your own language and your new language. Where might those differences come from?
  • Learning a few jokes in your target language. Humour also varies by language. Get to know the humour of your new language. See whether you can memorise a good joke.
  • Adding variety to what you do as you learn: listen to music, watch videos, read everything that’s not glued down and speak, speak, speak.
  • Cooking a recipe written in the other language. It’s extra exciting when you get to taste whether you got all the ingredients right and used the right amounts.
  • Perhaps the most important tip of all: finding the right company. Learning is extra fun with nice people around you who are learning the same language or who may already speak the language.

At Regina Coeli, we think learning a language should be enjoyable. That’s why we put together a personal programme for you with lessons that fit your needs. During a training course, you alternate between learning in private lessons, practicing in our very own digital learning environment, watching videos, using VR if applicable and studying independently with a nice cup of coffee in hand.

During your lesson day, you get the chance to talk to the other students between lessons. It’s a lovely experience, because everyone is just as motivated as you are, and you always meet the most interesting people at Regina Coeli.

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