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6 March 2018

Winner of the SME Export Award learned German with the Nuns of Vught

Hoenderdaal Fasteners from Veenendaal won the SME Export Award in 2017 with their Scandinavian export plan. And now the company, which is one of the leading players in the field of fasteners, has new plans: to conquer the German-speaking market. Director Bart Veldhuizen: "As a non-German producer, we’re already behind 1-0 in the German market. If my German isn’t up to par, we’ll soon be behind 2-0.”

1 March 2018

The power of compliments during a language course

Receiving compliments—or, as we prefer to call it, positive feedback—helps tremendously when it comes to learning languages. Because an emphasis is placed on what you do well, your self-confidence grows, you speak more easily and you are more open to taking new material on board.

27 February 2018

Making small talk in Dutch

Despite Dutch directness, you’ll need to—if you wish to truly integrate into Dutch culture—be prepared to make a bit of small talk in Dutch. By being able to chat about any number of general subjects, you’ll connect with your colleagues, neighbours and business partners. It’s a valuable skill which you can quickly feel at ease using, because you don’t actually need a great deal of vocabulary for it.

21 February 2018

Multilingualism starts with mastering your mother tongue

The foundation that’s laid in your native language is crucial for your personal development as well as for learning other languages later. Multilingualism starts with having a good command of your own language. Conversely, knowledge of other languages also helps to develop your mother tongue.

13 February 2018

Synonyms: A quick way to expand your vocabulary

Once you have mastered the grammar of a foreign language reasonably well, you can quickly improve your language skills by expanding your vocabulary. Grammar can be seen as the rules of the game for a language; the words get used within those rules. More vocabulary will make your language richer.

7 February 2018

Mayor of Winterswijk learned professional German at Regina Coeli

The municipality of Winterswijk shares 60% of its border with Germany and, as a result, has intensive border traffic on a daily basis. No wonder speaking German is seen as important there. As mayor of such a bustling, international municipality, it is, of course, important to stay on top of things. Joris Bengevoord, who, for six months after his appointment, could boast of being the youngest mayor in the Netherlands, went to Vught for a week to brush up on his German.

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