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9 February 2021

Cross language learning off your bucket list!

Learning a language is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. Which is logical, because how nice would it be to be able to effortlessly talk with others when you’re in Spain? Or to be able to ask the chef for their recipe in fluent Italian? But how useful is it to put learning a language on the list of things you want to do ‘one day’? It’s not something you just go and do in one go. Besides that, the sooner you learn a language, the longer you can enjoy it. Or are you content to wait until you retire to learn a language that you like the sound of or that would give your CV a big boost?

4 February 2021

Little time and still learning a language

Learning a language takes time. If your days are already jam-packed with work, sports and family commitments, it can be hard to fit in time to study every week. Then it’s a godsend to be able to concentrate completely on learning a language for a week. That's what Edo Boerefijn, Chief Operating Officer at Cryonorm, did, for example.

3 February 2021

The language of the ‘Hollandse pot’

Every winter, steaming hot plates of food magically appear on tables in Dutch homes everywhere—things like big pots full of snert, boerenkool or hutspot. These are collectively called Hollandse pot, or stamppot. These are quite hearty meals that fill the belly and warm up you right down to your toes. Even though Dutch winters aren’t as cold as they used to be, these dishes are still wildly popular in the winter months.

3 February 2021


You’ll come across the word ‘groetjes’ in all sorts of places in the Netherlands. In the closing phrases of emails, on postcards in souvenir shops (groetjes uit Amsterdam), but also during conversations when you’re out and about. You might hear ‘groetjes’ instead of ‘doei’ or ‘tot ziens’ when someone says goodbye. And have you ever heard someone say, ‘Doe de groetjes aan Jan’?

6 January 2021

Sharpen your saw

Language is the most important tool we have for communicating. Without it, we cannot express how we feel, what we want and who we are. You may recognise that feeling when you suddenly have to explain something in Dutch, German or French, noticing the frustration bubbling up as you search for the right words.

6 January 2021

Building trust and a network through Arabic

Samuel Hanna Gadalla started a new job in sales at Story Auto Import-Export over six months ago. Exactly the right man for the job, his boss thought. That’s because Samuel not only knows everything about cars, but he also speaks fluent Arabic. At Story Auto Import-Export, they could put that to good use because they export loads of cars to Arabic-speaking countries. So why did we spot Samuel attending an Arabic course at Regina Coeli?

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