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8 December 2021

How long does it take to learn a language?

How long it takes to speak a foreign language depends on several factors: the desired level, your starting situation, the language you want to learn, the number of hours you put into it and the effectiveness of the method.

8 December 2021

Once upon a time, ‘er’ was a little word...

Anyone who learns Dutch as a foreign language gets to take on the fun challenge presented by the simple combination of two letters: the word 'er'. ‘Er’ seems to be an insignificant word which doesn’t mean much of anything, yet it is used all over the place in Dutch and you cannot just omit it.

7 December 2021

The language of Dutch weather

One of the hottest topics in the Netherlands is the weather. That’s not surprising of course, since it changes quite a lot. If you’re learning Dutch—no matter how early in the process you may be—it’s best to learn how to chat about the weather. It’s always a good way to strike up a conversation with someone.

25 February 2021

‘To be able to manage, it’s useful to speak Russian’

Paul van Deuren took a Russian course at Regina Coeli about a year and a half ago. Because of COVID-19, he spent less time in Russia than he would have liked. But, now that the Russian lockdown is over, he’s working at the McDermott office in Moscow again. We reflect with him on learning the Russian language.

9 February 2021

Business Spanish for beginners

Have you ever looked into Spanish courses for beginners? Apparently, if you want to learn the language, you can’t get around learning the names of fruits and vegetables, colours and all kinds of sports. But what if you mainly need the language to speak with Spanish-speaking suppliers or customers? Then it’s a bit handier to be able to present your product and write a decent email than to be able to name every fruit and vegetable in the produce section of the supermarket.

9 February 2021

Take a journey by reading a book

When you were in school, you probably frequently heard that reading books was good for your language development. No matter how much education has changed, schools still really promote reading, so an idea that has survived all these years must have some merit to it, you might say. In fact, reading books helps you develop your language skills even when you learn a foreign language as an adult.

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