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26 March 2017

The macho company culture in Spain

The macho company culture in Spanish-speaking countries is often a topic of discussion during the lessons in the Spanish Section.Machismo is deeply embedded in the culture of Spanish and Latin American countries and anyone doing business in these countries would do well to remember this.

26 March 2017

Business in Spanish speaking countries

The ways of doing business in Spanish speaking countries differ from those of other cultures. What are key factors when doing business with people from Spain or Latin-America?

26 March 2017

In Italian, what does the prefix ‘s’ do to the word?

Adding an ‘s’ to the beginning of an Italian word often creates the opposite, often negative meaning of the word.

26 March 2017

Playing with modal verbs

In Dutch as well as in other languages, the six help verbs (otherwise known as modal verbs) add something to the meaning of the main verb. For those who have grown up with the Dutch language, this is nothing new. However, it’s a different matter for people learning how to speak Dutch.

26 March 2017

El problema and la solución, a masculine/feminine problem

When someone says in Dutch ‘het fiets’ (the bicycle) or ‘de vliegtuig’ (the aeroplane), it can come across as irritating because it should be ‘de fiets’ and ‘het vliegtuig’. When you’re learning a foreign language, it is important to avoid making mistakes in the use of the definite articles.

26 March 2017

The jump from social to business Dutch

Amsterdam is not the easiest place to learn Dutch. At the slightest sound of a foreign accent, a kind, sympathetic Dutch person immediately breaks into English! This has happened so many times to Sofia Derossi, an Italian, who has lived in Amsterdam for three years now.

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