Reference Yellie Alkema

Director of SYARK green concepts

Reason for learning German

‘I want to be able to communicate with German partners on the sustainability projects I lead. I live about a half an hour’s drive from the German border and think my German could be better. I also had a fear of failure.’


‘I’m being coached by two trainers while I’m here for my five-day course, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I have two hours of lessons from each of them and that’s really enjoyable. You notice that they’re good at handing things off to each other. We cover grammar whenever it’s necessary. That all makes the training one organic whole.’


‘I already saw a benefit right after the intake appointment with one of the German trainers, before I’d even started the course. I had to chair a working group in German a few days after the intake and could already use a few of the tips she had given me. Talk about tailor-made!

The course is really tough. That’s why the trainers and I decided to build in some moments of rest. I’m free to find my own balance here. All the students are exceptionally driven: they work hard and there’s no doubt about their motivation.

The institute is extraordinarily professional; it’s all in the details. I’m staying here for the week and have a special diet. The chefs create something incredibly delicious just for me every day. Elsewhere, people sometimes make a fuss about my diet, but here everyone goes the extra mile to give you a comfortable week. This course was a gift to myself and it truly feels like one!’

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