Reference Annika Lips

HR manager at thyssenkrupp

Reason for learning German

‘I want to improve my speaking skills in German. I work at the Thyssenkrupp headquarters in Germany one day a week. The company language is English, so everything is also written straight into English. Still, I think it’s nice to be able to speak with my colleagues in German.’


‘My five-day programme was made up of four private lessons of one hour each, with each private hour followed by an hour of independent study. The nice thing about this system is that I never have the feeling that I’m running ahead or falling behind. They also make good use of the power of repetition in the lessons. We repeat something and then something new is added. That’s the optimal formula for me.’


‘The course is very personalised and that’s comfortable. I notice that the knowledge I’d acquired in the past has resurfaced really quickly. There are a lot of students at the institute, but you don’t actually notice it. The course is very useful and the atmosphere’s relaxed.’

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