Reference Jasvant Khargi

Financial accountant at Unilever

Reason for learning German

‘I’m emigrating to Zurich for my job and I want to be able to integrate really well. The first step in that is learning the language and understanding the culture.’


‘I’m taking a five-day course here. In it, they pay a lot of attention to both grammar and speaking. I still find that difficult because I don’t like making mistakes. I mainly work on my pronunciation in my independent study hours, recording sentences and comparing my pronunciation with that of native speakers. I’ve already learned a great deal from that. My four private lessons are each with a different trainer. That’s really giving me an energy boost. There’s never a dull moment here!’


‘It’s been really interesting staying here for the week. It’s a beautiful setting and the employees are all very friendly. Besides that, I’ve also met a number of other trainees who are just as motivated. That makes it easy to share what you’re experiencing. I have a great foundation to build on once I’m in Zurich. I’m much more confident speaking German and am definitely going to keep practising.’


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