Reference Jan Sevenhuysen

CEO of Messem International B.V.

Reason for learning French

‘I have a company situated in Morocco. We deep freeze strawberries there. I want to be able to express myself better in French so I can take the lead in meetings with both Moroccan government agencies and the farmers who work for us.’


‘I’m taking a five-day course, but then split up—four days in one week and one more in another. Every day, I have private lessons with four different trainers. The focus of the lessons is on conversations. I’m also working on my vocabulary. I’ve learnt a lot of synonyms for the words I use (too often). It’s making my French much richer.’


‘My French course has been extremely professional and also very personalised. It’s a well-oiled machine here and everything has been thought of. I had a good feeling in the intake and I noticed that the information I gave at that time was both familiar to and put to good use by the trainers during the course. The course is so intensive that I have no time for anything else. It’s a plus point that I could take a course without having to wait for too long.’

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