Reference Jeroen Pot

Planner at Bolk Transport

Reason for learning French

‘I want to be able to communicate with my immediate colleague in Mulhouse and with our French drivers and competitors.’


‘The French trainers have put together a programme for me which is helping me quickly activate the French I already know while also teaching me new things. I’m getting exactly what I need and as a result, there’s no time for slacking. We’re doing a lot of role plays in the lessons. I have a team of four trainers which keeps the day varied. Between the lessons, I practice grammar using all kinds of multimedia exercises.’


‘I’ve realised just how important the tenses are for me! One tiny mistake can mean that we get something tomorrow rather than today. The role plays we’re doing are great for my self-confidence. The fact that I’m understandable in French is a real boost! The course has been a very good, extremely positive experience.’


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