Why stay at Regina Coeli?

Staying at Regina Coeli will lead to better results than staying elsewhere at the end of your lesson days.

Fully focused on learning a language

Scientific research into the inner workings of the brain has shown that you learn faster and remember what you are learning better when you are able to fully focus on what you are learning and when distractions are kept to a minimum. The learning environment at Regina Coeli is completely geared to this principle: everything you need in order to learn effectively is available to you, and you are well cared for.

We recommend letting go of thoughts of work and home while you are taking your course so you can fully focus on learning the language.

Formal and informal learning strengthen each other

After your lessons, you can chat with other participants who are native speakers of the language you are learning. These are excellent moments to apply everything you have been learning in more or less realistic situations: in the bar, in the fitness room or while taking a walk in the woods near the institute.

By giving you the opportunity to receive formal training and enjoy informal moments, all at one location, your learning process is not interrupted—in contrast, it is furthered. Your formal and informal training merge into one, and that compounds the effects of your course at Regina Coeli.

Space for relaxation

If you stay at Regina Coeli, you can retire to your room anytime when you need to be able to concentrate a bit more. You will also be able to make full use of Regina Coeli’s facilities and enjoy the lush, green surroundings.

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