Reference Jaap Pees

Co-owner of Firm Capital Partners B.V.

Reason for learning Chinese

‘We recently started up in China and opened an office in Shanghai. We assist companies and entrepreneurs who want to do business in China. I’ve got a reasonable grasp on the basics of Mandarin due to my own personal experience in China, but want to take it further. I’ll mainly be working out of our Shanghai office and I really believe it’s necessary to understand both the language and the culture to be able to function optimally in China.’


‘I’m taking a five-day Chinese course and staying in the guest accommodation here. I have lessons with four different trainers throughout the week. They’re different in their approach and that variety is nice. They each have their own way of teaching, talking about different things and sharing their experiences. What I’ve found especially valuable have been the conversations about their culture, backgrounds and personal experiences with both the Dutch and Chinese cultures. They know both cultures inside and out and have excellent insight into the similarities and differences between them.’


‘I have a real passion for China—that’s why taking this course has been so enjoyable and inspiring. I keep hearing beautiful stories about the history of the language. Chinese is almost an art form. It’s wonderful to be able to fully focus on a language for a week and Regina Coeli provides exactly the right conditions and surroundings to do just that.’


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