The power of an intensive training course

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Does learning a language quickly also mean forgetting it quickly? If you do it right, it doesn't.

Before we answer the question, it's worth pausing to consider the term 'quickly'.

Yes, with us you will learn a foreign language in a short time. This is possible because you take your time to learn the language. For example, you immerse yourself in the language for a week. Everything you normally do (work, taking care of the children), you don't do for a while to fully focus on learning the language.

You learn the language in a short time by slowing down, repeating and letting yourself be carried away by the language trainers, the language and the culture.


Research on the effectiveness of the method

We are always curious about the effectiveness of our method at Regina Coeli. We measure this by asking our students two questions before, immediately after and two months after the training:

  1. How much self-confidence do you have when communicating in the language?
  2. How well do you feel you can express yourself in the language?

After the training, the scores on both points increase—naturally—for everyone.

Remarkably, the scores continue to increase two months after the training. Students gain such a good foundation that they can continue working on the language on their own. Applying it in practice even provides an extra boost in self-confidence. Now, that’s effective!

What if you stop using the language after the course?

Most Regina Coeli students start using the language as much as possible after their course. But when that’s not the case, people who use the language less than once a week on average find that their self-confidence and skills decline. That would not mean that the language has completely faded away. After a success experience - for example, after a nice conversation in the language - your self-confidence may be restored.

When is an intensive training course not a good idea?

Is intensive training always the way to go? That depends on the individual. One person loves to concentrate fully on the language for five days. For another person, that may be too long.

At Regina Coeli, we offer an intensive programme that you can spread out over a number of weeks. You don’t have to opt for a full week. A programme of, say, three days one week and two intensive days the following week works very well for many students. In between, there’s time to let the material sink in. In this case, too, take your time to learn the language.

What is the power of an intensive training course?

The advantage of learning a language intensively is that you get a good feel for it in a short time. During the course, you immediately apply the new language to situations you would encounter in real life. The repetition required to add the new material to your long-term memory is built right into the training!

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