Matar dos pajaros de un tiro

door Regina Coeli

The Dutch often use the saying ‘twee vliegen in één klap slaan’ (to hit two flies with one swipe). As is the case with most sayings, it can’t be literally translated into another language. In Spanish there is a similar saying: ‘matar dos pájaros de un tiro’ which means to kill two birds with one shot.

There is certainly a similarity between the sayings but it’s the difference between them that makes them worth looking at more closely. In Spain hunting (la caza) is a popular sport. During the hunting season, you are allowed to hunt as much as you like on private land (coto privado de caza). However, there are strict rules attached to hunting. Not all animals can be hunted and you have to have a licence. As far as hunting is concerned, most Spanish people restrict themselves to the use of the saying!

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