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As of autumn 2018, you can learn to speak Russian or Arabic well at Language Institute Regina Coeli. Experienced trainers have developed a programme for learning both languages at our institute.

Regina Coeli won a government tender this year and as part of this tender, Russian and Arabic have been added to the range of personal, intensive language training courses we already provide.

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Learn a foreign language in a short time

Regina Coeli is known for helping students achieve good results. This is made possible through our sophisticated blend of private lessons from several language trainers and the tailor-made study assignments. Because students stay at the institute, they are able to spend a number of days completely concentrating on learning a language.

Introduction to writing

Regina Coeli’s language courses are designed so each student receives a personal programme designed to fully meet the specific requirements of that student. Living and working in a country where Arabic or Russian are spoken asks more of your language skills than only having contact with a company a few times a year. Whatever goals students may have, they start with the basics: getting to know the writing and the new sounds.

In recent years, Regina Coeli has regularly received requests from people who want to learn Russian or Arabic with us. Both languages are, of course, spoken in large parts of the world, and are economically and politically valuable.

More information

If you would like to learn Arabic or Russian, please contact us. A language trainer will be pleased to discuss what you would like to achieve and the shape your training programme would take in a personal consultation: how long it should be, how it would be structured and the content of the programme.

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