Does 'king' deserve a capital letter?

door Regina Coeli

In Dutch, all job titles are written with a small letter whether you’re a salesmanager, a butcher, a builder or a king. However, if you want to show more respect for, say, the king, then it can be written with a capital letter: King.

A lot of job titles in Dutch companies are English and, in English speaking countries, the first letters would always be written in capitals. Into the bargain, the English need more space for their job titles! For instance, ‘salesmanager’ as written above would be capitalised and there would be a space between the words: Sales Manager.

The reason the Dutch use small letters is that a job title belongs to a specific job category. If the house style within a Dutch company prescribes using a capital letter for the name of a department, then that part of the job title is also written with a capital, e.g. head Marketing (not be confused with the Dutch job title ‘marketingmanager’).

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