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31 May 2017

How to learn a language succesfully?

Two of the most frequent questions we get at Regina Coeli are: Can you really learn a language proficiently from scratch in a week? And, how do I maintain and continue to improve my language skills?

1 May 2017

Learn Dutch: why would you?

Many expats who live and work in the Netherlands think it’s not really necessary to learn Dutch. English is the lingua franca at many large companies and when it isn’t, Dutch colleagues will quickly switch to English to accommodate those who don’t speak their language. The Dutch really enjoy speaking English. You can even get by using only English in your free time. So why should you bother learning Dutch? We’d like to give you three solid reasons for doing so.

1 May 2017

Speaking with the right accent in the Port of Rotterdam

Expats and immigrants don’t always feel the need to learn Dutch. That wasn’t the case for Ahmed Kansouh. He realised that he would have to speak Dutch—and speak it well—as soon as he came to the Netherlands in order to reach his goals.

26 March 2017

French business culture

Success in business in France depends on appropriate behaviour and on mutual trust and understanding. In this article we present some of the aspects of French business culture.

26 March 2017

How the French interpret gestures

Non-verbal communication differs from country to country and this is often one of the reasons why intercultural communication is such a challenge. This explains why a simple discussion can take an unexpected turn, quite unintentionally.

26 March 2017

French courses: the tailor-made approach

French is both a working and an official language of the European Union, the United Nations, UNESCO, NATO and other legal entities and governing bodies. The language is spoken on five continents, which makes it a truly global language. Yet if you do not live in a country where the language is spoken, you will probably not hear or read it often. This is in sharp contrast to English, which is an ever-present feature of daily life.

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