Processing co-workers and applicants data

In addition to the privacy statement, you can read on this page which personal data of co-workers and applicants Regina Coeli records.

What do we use your personal details for?

We collect personal details from (former) co-workers and applicants within the scope of employment contracts, secondment, payroll, recruitment & selection, personal development and availability, salary records and personnel management.

Particularly, your personal details will be processed:

  1. To assess your suitability and availability, also possibly using assessments, reference checks if relevant to the position and indicated in the vacancy text;
  2. To enter into and maintain an employee relationship with you and perform the relevant administration for this;
  3. To comply with our reintegration obligations and help people far (further) away from the job market to find work;
  4. To advance your personal development and availability, including training, education and testing;
  5. For management purposes including management information, handling internal control and industrial safety and conducting audits and accountants’ checks;
  6. For quality purposes such as certification;
  7. To apply for grants, reductions on premiums etc.;
  8. To comply with the legislation and rules if we have entered into an employee relationship with you, including but not limited to identification, employment legislation, tax and social security legislation, combating fraud and national and international sanction legislation.

In all other possible situations, personal details are only processed with the explicit consent of party/parties concerned.

Which personal details do we collect?

We process the personal details of (former) co-workers and applicants required for our services. Some of these details are required to be able to use our services. Additional data might be advisable to better gear the services to your wishes and qualities or to meet more specific demands or obligations from clients. You are personally responsible for the correctness of the data you provide.

The details below are recorded in the registration:

Personal details:
• Name and address particulars, e-mail address and other contact details;
• Birth details, sex and married state;
• Curriculum Vitae (CV), information about education, internships and work experience;
• Other data which are (might be) of importance within the scope of assessing the candidate’s suitability, for example references and certificates;
• Passport photo and video (introduction) – on a voluntary basis;
• Data about training and education and/or tests you attended or did yourself or through us;
• Data about availability and leave.

At the time you can start working/are working/have worked for Regina Coeli:
• Nationality, national insurance number, proof of identification, work permit;
• Other data related to personnel, salary and absence registration.

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