Reference Louella de Jong

Import/export manager at De Jong Marinelife

Reason for learning Spanish

‘We have a family business which trades in tropical salt water fish. I’d like to be able to communicate in Spanish with the employees and suppliers of our affiliates in Cuba and Ecuador. Besides that, it has also always been a dream of mine to learn Spanish.’


‘I’m taking a two-week course. The first week was about getting familiar with all the aspects of the language. In the second week, we’re mainly working with the things I brought with me, such as emails. I’m also listening to Spanish music and then answering questions about it.’


‘I think it’s hard learning a new language and I’d rather not make any mistakes, but the trainers are doing everything to get me talking and it’s working! The second week is going so much better than the first. And everything here is so well-arranged!’

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