Reference Liz Ansell

HR manager at Oliver Wyman

Reason for Dutch course

‘I’m moving to Amsterdam for my job. I would really like to be able to speak Dutch with my colleagues and be able to understand Dutch texts on HR-related matters.’


‘I’m taking a five-day Dutch beginners’ course. I have three private lessons a day and a group lesson with three other people who have about the same level as I do. I’ve noticed that because I already speak German, it’s easier for me. The individual lessons make it easy to adjust the tempo of the course.’


‘What I’m learning is really sticking because of the multimedia exercises they have here. I still mix up Dutch pronunciation with German now and then. The trainers are very helpful with that. I’ve met so many lovely people here and even made some friends. I know I’m going to keep enjoying this experience long after I’ve finished the course. And the food—it’s incredible!’

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