Reference Lesley Fens

Senior international trader at Roba Metals

Reason for Spanish course

‘I want to be able to do business when I’m on Spanish production sites. I learned Spanish by working hard on it on my own, so I knew quite a few words. I still couldn’t yet string a sentence together, though!’


‘My training programme has two private lessons focused on using grammar correctly when speaking and two lessons focused on conversation. And that five days in a row! I actually shouldn’t have, but I’ve made a few work calls while here. A few of them were in Spanish, and it was then that I noticed how much better I’d got.’


‘The way the lessons are built up is very good. I’m not only learning the language, but also about the culture. I think that part’s really interesting, because before you know it, you’ve insulted a Spaniard, even though your intentions were pure. You can’t say everything the way you would in your own language. The trainers are very clear on that. That’s something you can’t just learn through studying on your own.’


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