Reference Javier Alvarez de Eerens

Manager of International Desk at Rabobank

Reason for learning Italian

‘I want to be aware of my areas for improvement in the language. I speak Italian with clients and colleagues and am in Milan a few days a month. Everyone there thinks it’s wonderful that I speak Italian, but I’ve noticed that I still make mistakes.’


‘I have a one-day programme to brush up on my knowledge. Because no one corrects me, little mistakes have been creeping into my Italian—that’s why I came for this follow-up day. Today I have lessons with two different trainers. I’ve already had a two-week course at Regina Coeli.’


‘The personal attention is one of Language Institute Regina Coeli’s strengths. You don’t get some standard PowerPoint in your lessons here. The trainers start the lesson from zero and allow it to take form based on what I need. The trainers take notes and at the end of the lesson, I have a list of my three most common mistakes. That gives me something to focus on.’


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