Reference Gijs van den Oever

Director/owner of DS80 Verpakkingsmaterialen (packaging materials)

Reason for learning English

‘I want to speak English more fluently so I can feel more self-assured. I had mainly focused on German companies for attracting new business partners for my company. A good command of English will make the world that much bigger!’


‘I’m taking an intensive, five-day English course. A large part of my lessons is dedicated to business talk. In one of my daily lessons, I practice conversations which have to do with purchasing and sales. With another trainer, I focus on presenting my company. Of course, I’m getting a serious brush-up on my grammar and believe me, that’s not my favourite part. As a result, I’ve chosen to do fewer multimedia exercises and instead spend more time on independent study and other assignments. That just feels better.’


‘The course is incredible and the stay in the guest accommodation is extremely pleasant. I‘ve been here before for German and my expectations have been met once again. I didn’t initially realise how much progress I’d made after just a few days. I’ve developed a much better ear for English. I notice that I’m paying more attention to the lyrics in English songs. The course is a great start for being able to continue on my own in the future.’


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