Reference Daniel Koep

Head of exhibitions at The Hague Kunstmuseum

Reason for Dutch course

‘I want to be able to communicate in Dutch from my first day at the museum. I think it’s a sign of respect when you work in another country.’


‘I’ve had three weeks of Dutch lessons. The first two weeks were fairly general and focused on social conversations. In the third week, there’s been more of an opportunity to explore the language in depth and the lesson materials have been more in line with my profession. There are even special multimedia exercises to develop vocabulary specifically for my field!’


‘The trainers are really good at playing to my strengths and helping me with my weaknesses. They give me things to work on independently in the areas I’m strong in, and guide me more in the areas I still need to improve in.

I’m extremely motivated. The trainers are excellent. The private lessons, the binder full of materials and the multimedia exercises all complement each other perfectly. They work like a staircase, step-by-step, onwards and upwards. I now have a solid foundation in Dutch and will be able to speak with others in my new job.’

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